31Aug, 2009

5 Dirty Secrets A Big Markham Health Club Wouldn’t Want You To Know About All Health Clubs In Markham

Find Out About The Little Known And Rarely Talked About Facts About Big Markham Health Clubs. Discover The 5 True (Yet Scary) Facts You Need To Know Before Stepping Foot Into Them.

1. “We don’t care care if you show up at our Markham health Club”

The sad fact is, the January rush ends in a cash surge for the big Markham Health Clubs And Fitness Centers and the same amount of members as there were in the previous December.

Well intentioned fitness goals end up in health club Markham contracts, and a lack of motivation.

This is what Health Clubs In Markham expect, for you to trip up on your plan and never come back, however, you’ll keep paying the bill even though you don’t show up.

In fact if everyone that joined a gym showed up on the exact same day no matter what time it is…they wouldn’t be able to get in because most health clubs were designed to only have a certain number of people in there at one time.

At my old health club they had 2000 members under contract.  They could only house 250 at one time.  The reason they can get away with this?  They know people will drop out of the gym just as fast as they joined.

2. “Our trainers at our health clubs Markham, don’t know what they’re doing”

I’ve talked about this one at length before and it is a pet peeve of mine.

Chances are once you get a membership to a Markham health club an in-house personal trainer will try and sell you on their expertise.

Markham health club trainers need no accredited certification to be out there on the floor flexing their guns. $50 and an 10-min online quiz can get you a certificate and title that sounds snazzy, but they aren’t worthwhile.

Look for quality Markham Personal Trainers that can guarantee results. And again check out this eye-opening article here about Markham Personal Training Industry

3. “We want you to pay forever for our health club Markham”

If you think getting started on a Markham fitness plan is tough, try quitting your Markham health club. Trouble canceling gym memberships is one of the top complaints among Markham gym members.

The big health clubs in Markham are out to get your money and keep getting it, month after month. They want you to keep paying, but stay home. After all it doesn’t do the health clubs Markham any good if you come into their gym.

Which in turn doesn’t do you any good if your just paying for a Markham gym membership.

Have you ever tried to get out of a gym membership?  It is the hardest thing to do on the planet.  They have to go through each and every tactic in the book to keep you in tow.

4. “Most Markham Health Clubs are dirty and have low standards for being sanitary.”

Back where I was working we had a cleaning lady that came every day and did the most piss poor job at cleaning the health club that I would catch myself shaking my head in disgust.

To top it all off she was the worst smelling human being I have ever encountered on this planet.  Smelling her was like a mix of 20 day old Mcdonalds garbage bags and a carton of smoked cigarettes.

Markham Health clubs do not take sanitation seriously and the only time they do is when the health inspectors come around.

5. “Sales is our #1 Markam health club goal”

Sales, sales, sales…that was all my former gym manager would talk about.  Not, “Let’s find out ways to create a better experience for our members.

More like, “Sales are down this month.  We need to desperately hit our quota or heads are falling.”

Why don’t you come in for a Free sales appointment at our Markham health club.”

While that offer sounds enticing, fast-talking and slicked sales reps will ensure you leave with more than just more information and insight, but a brand new long-term contract you can’t refuse.

Don’t read the fine print, it will still apply to your membership and contract. One such website of a large health club promised a 30-day free trial membership. But the catch, if you don’t show up at least 12 times, you’ll be locked into a multiyear membership.

You can’t rely on the Markham health club sales person, you must be on the defense and know what really matters when you looking for a quality Markham fitness solution

Don’t fall for the health clubs Markham gimmicks, go for a quality Markham personal trainer or bootcamp that guarantees results, no matter what condition you’re in right now.

Yours in health,

Dan Go


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