25Apr, 2010

5 Fat Loss Techniques You Should Be Doing Now At Your Markham Gym

On Monday I told you the biggest lie in the fitness and fat loss industry is the that long steady state cardio and aerobic classes are great for fat loss and calorie burning.

That post got a lot of people in Markham upset at me. Just check the comments section and you’ll see I made one bodybuilder from the Jersey Shore curse at me like a drunk sailor.

I very politely replied back for him to give me evidence of why they are super great for fat loss.

Long story short…I haven’t heard back from him yet…Because there isn’t any evidence.

I won’t sugar coat it at all…those methods absolutely suck at burning fat and worse off doing them could actually lead them to becoming fatter. And if this is the plan they have for losing weight, changing their bodies and dropping a few inches…then they are probably not reading this right now.

I told you I would be coming back and letting you know what you SHOULD be doing for fat loss either at home or in the gym. I would be somewhat of a douche bag if I didn’t.

Of course this post is a little late because my internet won’t allow me to get into my blog site to post. Gotta love technology.

Some of the fat loss stuff is very counter-intuitive. And I like that. It’s been said that if someone does what 90% of people do in the gym for fat loss then they will end up looking like 90% of the people in the gym..that is: not losing weight, not dropping inches and staying the same shape no matter how many times they go…maybe going insane at the same time.

I had a conversation with one of my boot camp clients Amanda (who had lost 60 pounds over a total of 2 years and has become a personal trainer to help girls do the same) and she was mentioning how the Aerobic fitness classes in her Markham gym are filling up so fast that they have to have a ticket system for people wanting to get in.

People were fighting over the tickets like they were tickets the Oprah show.

All she could do was stand back and watch. Eyes wide open. Jaw was Dropped.

All she could think was, “Why would you fight to get tickets to not see results and stay the same shape?” And I agreed.

But don’t get us wrong. We are not some Fat Burning Elitists that snub our noses at everyone that does cardio and aerobics. That’s not what what we are about. If they want to do that and it is fun for them then rock on. Do it! If they love Zumba? They can do it to their hearts content.

But if they do it for fat loss…they are fighting a losing game.

There are just so many more ways to do it that take a shorter time and have 9x more effectiveness. And aerobics and cardio won’t allow them to burn fat in their sleep.

If we could we would literally stand on top of a building with a mega horn and scream at the top of our lungs…we would tell them this:

5 things you gotta do in the gym when it comes to burning that fat off of your body like a Furnace.

1.  Spend Less Time in the Gym

You can literally get an amazing fat loss workout in 20-25 minutes.  You will also be working out less than 1.5 hours per week.  1.5 hours is like one episode of Gossip Girl and an Episode of Entourage.  I’m sure you can find time in the week to do this.

And the best part about these Fat Loss Workouts are…they will have you burning fat in your sleep.  This is done using different forms of Metabolically Disturbing Circuits (MDC’s) such as:

  • 50/10 One Minute Metabolism Maximizer Workouts
  • Tabata’s aka. 4 Minute Fat Melters
  • 10 Minute Density Workouts
  • 5/5/10 Workouts

Here’s an example of a 50/10 One Minute Metabolism Maximizer workout:

Everyone has a specific way to workout…I have about 8-10 different ways and adding more every month.  The beauty of these workouts are the fact that all of them take less than 30 minutes to complete.  The reason I have so many is because…

2.  Switch up your MDC’s every 3-4 weeks.

Think of your body and your muscles like a brain.  Weird I know but stay with me.  Your muscles will learn and adapt to an exercise program every 4 weeks.  This means that it will get better and more efficient at doing it…and this means that you will be burning less calories and getting a less effective workout in the end.  Not cool.

You gotta switch up the way your Metabolically Disturbing Circuits every 3-4 weeks to keep your body in that learning and adapting stage so it never gets used to the workouts and keeps seeing results.

3.  Use bigger weights when doing your MDC’s

When I talked about cardio and aerobics being horible for fat loss a big reason why was because it burns muscle and muscle is the foundation for your metabolism to burn fat in your sleep.

One of the best ways to burn fat, get leaner and build more muscle is to lift heavier weights.  And it won’t get you bulkier.  That is the biggest myth in fitness industry.  Just check out what 5 pounds of fat and what 5 pounds of muscle look like beside each other.

You definitely want more of the red stuff and less of the yellow stuff.

4.  Increase/Decrease the tempo of the exercise

Again you want to trick your body and metabolism to burn more fat.  When I do my boot camp exercise’s I constantly employ different tempo variations when my clients do their reps in the form of Positive and Negative tempo workouts.

So on one exercise one of my clients will be going super slow when pushing up on say…a pushup.  Then on another exercise I would have her going super slow going down on a squat.

It makes for a totally tricked out nervous system and accelerates fat loss through the roof.

There is also a way to use tempo exercises to spot reduce from specific areas of your body like your belly and thighs.  I’ll reveal that way in next weeks blog post.

5.  Always do different exercises in each workout to trick out your central nervous system

You always want to switch up the types of exercises you do in an MDC to make sure that you keep your body guessing and also to avoid getting bored with doing the same thing over and over and over.  Don’t be afraid to try out new harder versions of old exercises.

Doing this will make your body go, “What the heck is she doing to me!” In a totally GOOD way!

Do these 5 things now in the next workout at your Markham Gym and you will be on the fast track to burning the fat off of your body for good!

Oh btw if you have seen fantastic results using my methods…please leave a piece of your mind for the Jersey Shore bodybuilder here >>> http://www.torontofatlossblog.com/markham-gymsecret/#comments

Talk to you soon 😉

Dan Go

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