12May, 2011

5 Things I learned about cheat days

Hey there…hope you are doing great!

You gotta try this new restaurant I hit this weekend in downtown Toronto. Probably one of the best food experiences I have had in a long time.

I hit Guu Izakaya this weekend and it’s a Japanese Tapas restaurant. You can see where it’s located here –> Guu Izakaya

This place was so busy that we literally had to wait in line for 1.5 hours to get a seat for two in the restaurant.  Thank god we did because…it  was that good. Annnd it landed on a cheat day!  HAPPY DAYS!

The food was amazing but the best part about the restaurant was the experience. It’s hard for me to explain so I’ll let me camera do the talking:

Did I mention the food was amazing? Every time I ate a different dish it was like a party in my mouth and everyone was invited. Okay…maybe not everyone but still….the food was FANTASMIC!!

The Beef Carpaccio….ooohhh yeaaahhhh

Baked Oysters are always fun…

And I washed it down with Sapporo FOR THE WIN!!

Again…I can’t say it enough…I LOVE CHEAT DAYS.

The thing about cheat days are…cheat days can be a lot of fun but…doing them is a complete learning process in itself. If you apply them strategically to your life then you have to be responsible.

DO NOT totally gorge yourself out OR make excuses because cheat days can help you become lean…that you can have multiple cheat days within a week.

Not a good thing to do if you are looking to look super sexy.

So I came up with a couple of rules when it comes down to cheat days. I’ve been doing them for a 5 months and I have to say that I’m pleased with the results.

So here are a couple of rules to live by if you choose to do a cheat day:

1) Never ever ever ever ever overeat yourself on your cheat day
I did this the first couple of times and I literally made myself sick to my stomach. It’s cool to eat the things you want to do things in moderation.

2) I always follow up a cheat day with a fast day.
You give your digestive system a break, you take advantage of the mass amount of calories you took in on the cheat day and you let the less than healthy stuff move out of your body quicker.

3) I always do a workout on fast days.
Your body is primed for fat loss on the day after the cheat day so when work out on your fast day, you are essentially able to burn waaaaay more fat on the day of the fast day than any other day.

4) When working out on fast days you should take a Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplement
I’m not a big supplement guy…in fact I only take a couple of supplements in the form of multivitamins, fish oils and Branched chain Amino Acids (BCAA). BCAA’s allow you to keep your muscle and still get the benefits of the fat loss from the fast day.

5) Have fun with your Cheat day
The big thing about cheat days are to have fun with them, let loose and really eat those foods that you normally stay away during the week. Wanna eat a burger? Do it! Wanna have a poutine? Do it! Wanna have a heart attack and eat KFC’s double down sandwich ? Do it.

I can’t stress it enough…HAVE FUN ON YOUR CHEAT DAY.

Those are 5 of the best things I have learned about cheat days. They can be very fun but at the same time you have to be responsible with them. With that being said…I’ll leave you with a picture I’ll be explaining in blog I’ll be posting next week…

It’s about my encounter with a Bacon double cheeseburger POUTINE…

To be continued….

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