16Mar, 2010

Amanda’s secrets to losing 65 pounds

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome and working hard towards getting that lean body for the summer time.  The weather gettin  warmer and the skimpy clothing is coming out of hibernation.

It took awhile but I finally convinced Boot camp client Amanda Bishop to let me in on her secrets to successfully losing 65 POUNDS of fat.

She holds nothing back and let’s you in on what she did to totally transform her body.  Check it out:

Amanda 26 year old Dental Hygienist from Markham, ON

Before                                                                                   After

My New Body Transformation Interrogation with Amanda:

DG – Amanda what was your life like before losing all of this weight?  What were you doing?  What were you eating?  What was your life like physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

AB- My life pretty much sucked. I had been battling with a lot of emotional crap, I hated the way I looked and felt. I was eating out of pure emotion, I didn’t care what it was doing to my body. I had very low self esteem and found day to day activities very difficult. I really hated myself but I don’t think I knew why.

DG –
So how did you make this sudden decision to lose the weight (65 pounds)?

AB- About 4.5 Years ago I met my boyfriend David and my life was turned upside down. I had become comfortable with myself, but I didn’t realize just how bad it had become.

David was the first person in my entire life (battling with fat my whole life) that finally told me “look I think its time you did something about your weight/health.” We decided together to get me fit. That was my turning point and he was willing to walk the journey with me.

DG – Has Markham Bootcamps had an impact on your lifestyle.  How so?

AB- Boot camp has been such an amazing experience. I had been looking for a hard core work out. I wanted to be pushed and yelled at. I crave every class even if it takes me a while to get there, once your there its like a drug you want more! I have lost 5 pounds of scale weight and 15 inches all over the body! Just a few steps closer to my goal!

DG – What are the things you did that worked in helping you lose the weight (workout and nutrition wise)?  What are some of the thingsthat didn’t work?

AB- I definitely went through a lot of trial and error. My main changes at first was nutrition. I really cut down on my portion size, and changed from drinking around 6-7 soda’s a day to water and the occasional juice for something sweet.

I also to this day have not had McDonald’s and that’s going on 3 years. David and I started out running together and bought mountain bikes. Having someone there who will not sabotage your workout is very important so choose wisely!

Things that didn’t work is hard question since you need to change certain things within your nutrition or your work outs because of the dreaded plateau One thing I could say is that definitely you don’t need to eat more to compensate for intense workouts. I made that mistake.

DG – Do you have any social support? If so, how has this helped you?

AB- David has been a huge rock in my journey let alone my life. He has been there every step of the way bad or good. Pushed me hard at times but I needed it. His family has been supportive.

My co-workers as well have been very inspired by me and I have actually helped a few of them change as well. My family is definitely a rock in my life too, but unfortunately we just see different things and have slightly different views on diet and exercise, you have to remember different generations think differently.

DG What are your daily obstacles and temptations that you have to avoid with respect to nutrition and training? And what strategies do you use?

AB- Well I call my house the sabotage house. Meaning that there are many temptations in the way to my goals. I really need to remind myself that these foods are just no good in my body and that if I want to stay fit and healthy I need to always stay true to keeping my body as clean as possible.

I also have to remove myself completely from the kitchen area and that usually means going upstairs and or as bad as it sounds I would go shopping.

In respects to training, yea its harder some day’s then others, but I know as long as I get myself out to the gym/boot-camp or outside, there’s no turning back and I love it after and I am so proud of myself afterward for going, and feel so much better.

DG – How do you plan and organize your nutrition?

AB- My day consists of getting up, going to work and coming home. So my nutrition goes just the same.I know I need something filling like oatmeal to keep me going till lunch, then something nutritious with variety and dinner is always my smallest meal.

I have my favorite sippy cup as David calls it which is a 1L water bottle with a straw so I am able to drink it fast and get around 2-3 in a day. I try to limit my carbs in the morning and not touch it again. I always try to have a banana or apple on me if I am ever hungry.

DG – If you could say one thing to a woman trying to make a change in their bodies what would it be?

AB- I never could have thought that I could go from fat to fab, but YOU CAN! No matter what size or shape you are, you just need to stay focused, surround yourself with tones of the RIGHT support. And be true to yourself! You are only human there will be failure but in the end there is only true success.

DG – Thanks Amanda.  And keep up the great work!

AB- Thank you Dan you have been such a huge inspiration in my life!

Amanda’s Key’s to success:

  • Get positive people surrounding you that help you towards your goals
  • Keep your nutrition organized and substitute your soda’s and other caloric liquids for water
  • Recognize emotional eating when you are doing it
  • Persevere and develop a strong skin.  Do what you can to avoid the temptations…especially when it comes to the kitchen
  • Have a long term mindset towards getting fit and creating the body of your dreams.
  • Find things you find enjoyable that are active so you have fun while burning calories.

There could be a million excuses as to why you think you can’t achieve successful weight loss like Amanda.  But the reality is…if she can do it you can do it too.

I like to think of our boot camp as one large support group of women who are dedicated to transforming their bodies.

If you want to surround yourself with like minded women and are serious about changing your body then sign up for a free trial of boot camp. You will drop pounds of fat, make some new friends and come way with more confidence in your body then ever before.

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Dedicated to helping you create a fantastic body,


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