5Jul, 2010

Markham Personal trainer reveals his best abs exercise

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome and working hard towards your fitness goals.

I am about 17 days away from my week long vacation in the Mayan Riviera and I am super excited about it. This means I’m writing in my food journal, low carbing it for the next 3 weeks, hitting up my metabolic circuits hard and only doing the high return exercises that will get me lean fast.

I’m also making sure I’m enjoying myself this summer. I hit up a new Japanese tapas restaurant in Toronto called Guu and it was AMAZING. I caught the Brazil Germany World Cup game at Real Sports, which is the biggest sports bar in Canada and then I hit up my lake in Stouffville to do some swimming on Sunday because it was HOT!

The most popular question I always get is how to get rid of the belly and get a firmer mid section. I want you to remember that the very BEST ab exercise is pushing the dinner table away from you. Meaning you want to eat right the right way with the right foods.

Diet is SUPER IMPORTANT when getting that flat stomach you desire.

Exercise is just as important and…when it comes to abs…you definitely can’t go wrong with this exercise.

It is a high level exercise and has to be done with caution (especially with those who have a tight lower back/hips). It is so good I’m getting a bunch of these for my markham boot camps.

It’s called…The Ab Wheel.

It sounds so simple but yet it is so damn effective.

The best ab exercises you can do to develop your abs are ones that use your abs as stabilizers (ie. planks, mountain climbers, side planks) rather than traditional ones like crunches, leg raises etc…

The reason is because when you use your abs as a stabilizer you are actually working those deep abdominal muscles that really develop your mid section.

The Ab wheel really fires up those deep abdominal muscles and you will end up feeling a sore in your abs like you have never felt before!

How to do it:

– Start with the knees on the ground, wheel at your knees, with your arms straight below you.
– Now roll the wheel out…and keep your abs braced and glutes squeezed
– …until you’re laid out as far as you can go, but still under control. Then pull everything back to starting position.

A slight pinching in the lower back, indicating a large arch in the lower back, is the best way to determine that you’ve lost good form and/or you are not doing it correctly.

If you are just beginning to work out or if you feel insecure doing this exercise then avoid it at all costs. I would definitely get a markham personal trainer to spot you to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Hope this helped you out…I’ll be coming out with more programs to get you lean for the summer time!

Talk soon,


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