16Jul, 2009

Hey there!

This is Dan Go and I hope you’re doing awesome!

I look forward to showing you how to get the body of your dreams without wasting any more time in your workouts or nutrition. So be on the lookout for some email updates from me…and get ready to receive some of the BEST advice you’ll ever get when it comes to your fitness goals.

And don’t worry, I’m not talking about some technical weight loss science…all our tips are easy to implement and you’ll be amazed by the results you’ll get! So without further ado…Heeeerre’s the secret video that will show you how to lose 1 inch off your waist in less than a minute AND it’s going to reveal the top 5 mistakes that most women make in their weight loss efforts…

And I know I told you I was going to give you one video, but here is a 6 Week Nutritional guide to give your body the fat loss makeover it deserves (...hope it’s OK with you that I give away some extra stuff)

Click Here to Download “Your 6 Week Nutrition Makeover”

Last, but certainly not least…here’s a pretty awesome bonus for you – Below you can download my self-written E-Book called the “21 Secrets of Fat Loss“. This book has some mind-blowing techniques that will keep you swimsuit ready…ALL year round!

Click Here to Download “The 21 Secrets of Fat Loss Exercise”

And if fitting back into your skinny jeans sounds interesting to you…or perhaps you want to tone-up your midsection…or it could be you’re fed up with a muffin top…or maybe you just want to lose over 3 lbs/week…and tone&firm your entire body in the process…then MAKE SURE to check out exactly what kind of results you can expect from our bootcamp…just click on the link below:


Unfortunately we only want to take on 50 clients per location…so to be honest, our boot camp is for action takers ONLY…. So if you want to get in on Markham’s #1 Fitness Boot Camp where you’ll get in shape with your eyes closed, here’s the link one more time…


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  1. Dan

    I think I used the word actually about 10,000 times.

    Next time I do this I’ll need a teleprompter that Barack uses for his speeches. Gawd so embarassed!

  2. Hey Dan, Awesome job- your so funny- I got the link to this on my facebook- good job on that as well. the more you can relax..the more evenly you will deliver your kick ass information

  3. Thanks Sara! I think I should get a massage before doing one of these things again. I’ll talk to Toohey and book an appointment 😛

    I’ll be seeing you in a couple weeks in Cali!

  4. Bee

    Embarrassed, why? Great vid 🙂

    I’m gonna do those push ups at the gym tonight. Thx!

  5. Thanks Brenda


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