Fat Loss Workouts

Markham Personal trainer reveals his best abs exercise

By Dan Go

Hey there...hope you are doing awesome and working hard towards your fitness goals. I am about 17 days away from my week long vacation in the Mayan Riviera and I am super excited about it. This means I'm writing in my food journal, low carbing it for the next 3 weeks, hitting up my metabolic circuits hard and... »

Markham boot camp trainer puts a Thornhill Fitness model through his workout

By Dan Go

Hey there...hope you are doing great...there are 3 reasons why you should watch this video: 1) It'll give you an awesome fat loss program you can bring into your Markham Gym today. 2) I have a Fitness Model from Thornhill in it (and he may or may not take his shirt off at the end :P) 3) He may or... »

Markham boot camp trainer reveals the biggest secret Markham gyms use to keep you fat

By Dan Go

Hey there...hope you are having an awesome day and working hard towards getting that summer body.  We only got 2 months until we unveil our bodies.  If you are dedicated to getting an awesome summer body...NOW is the time to ramp up the workouts and tighten up your nutrition plan. All it takes is a good 6 weeks of dedicated effort... »

Markham Personal Trainer Reveals 27 Quick Random Fat Loss Tips

By Dan Go

Hey there...I hope everything is awesome with you... I had the craziest time this weekend in downtown Toronto (I swear I was made to live here...the plan is to move here by next year) where I hit up Nuit Blanche, which is a city wide art exhibit with stations set up all over Toronto.  This was my first ever Nuit Blanche... »

The 5 Best Ab Exercises You Are Not Doing

By Dan Go

Before I release this smorgashboard of wicked information I want to say THANK YOU for all your support.  The massive amounts of messages and emails I got was very encouraging and I definitely appreciate it. You definitely kick some major ASS. Newsflash: You want a flat midsection.  Yeah you.  Don't lie to me and say you don't. Don't tell me that you don't... »

The “Vegas Rehab Workout”

By Dan Go

I just came back from a WICKED Vegas Trip.  I would go into details but like they say, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" All I know is that I came back with a lighter wallet, less a couple brain cells and gained more body fat than I would like to admit. Coming from a weekend of destruction (and by destruction... »

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