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Markham Boot Camp Trainer Offers Holiday Tips!

By Janet

Hi guys!  I know there is so much out there on how to keep the holiday weight off but I wanted to add my own two cents. Much of this is repetitive but worth repeating.  This is what I do, I hope it helps. 1.  Eat something healthy before you head out to that dinner or party.  This works!  Have... »

Thornhill boot camp owner reveals 5 ways to reduce stress at work

By Dan Go

Hey there....hope you are great and having a fantastic start of the week. Before getting into this blog post I just want to say..."THANK YOU". You really don't know how much I appreciate you reading this blog, taking my boot camp classes and just generally listening to me. Why am I being so sappy this early in the week? I was going... »

Markham Boot Camp trainer reveals the one thing that seperates the successes from the failures

By Dan Go's Dan Go here and I hope you are doing awesome and enjoying this fantastic weather we are having in Markham. I just got back from sunny California from a Fitness summit and I had the most amazing eye opening time of my life.  I too a couple pics too.  Nothing too crazy but trust me...I don't see palm trees that... »

The most IMPORTANT question you can ask yourself

By Dan Go

Hey there...hope you had an awesome holidays and well on your way to achieving your fitness goals I'm in the lobby of Pure fitness in Hong Kong and I just had an intensssseee workout. I'm going to make this a quick read as I definitely need some food in my stomach as soon as possible. Thankfully I don't have... »

How to Program your mind to achieve your goals

By Dan Go

Before anything I want you to get one thing in your mind.  Repeat this with me.  Repeat this at least 3 times over to yourself for the next 21 days. .... You were put on this earth to succeed. Whether it be building your perfect body or moving up the corporate ladder to achieving what you really want out of were... »

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