7Sep, 2009

How to Program your mind to achieve your goals


Before anything I want you to get one thing in your mind.  Repeat this with me.  Repeat this at least 3 times over to yourself for the next 21 days. ….

You were put on this earth to succeed.

Whether it be building your perfect body or moving up the corporate ladder to achieving what you really want out of life….you were meant to succeed.  Fuck what anyone else says.  Their opinions don’t matter.

This is not some airy fairy BS where I’m going to tell you to think positive thoughts and repeat positive affirmations to yourself….no this is different…why?  Because it works.

Failure is a learned concept

To me there is no such thing as failing.  There is only trial and error.  You do the thing, make mistakes and correct the course as you move towards your goal.

The problem is when people meet a roadblock or an obstacle it stops them.

When they stop a ton of things start happening:

–  they start beating themselves up and calling themselves failures.  Once this happens its gonna take a ton of work to undo in your mind.

–  they start to blame others and the environment for their mistakes thus relieving themselves of responsibility.  This ultimately leads them to feel that they have no control over their life.

–  the just give up and accept the failure as part of their reality.  THIS SUCKS.

What is the way to get rid of this concept of failure?

Learn from what you have “failed” at and use it as a lesson.  I said, “There is no such thing as failure” because there isn’t.

The only way to defeat this notion of failure is to learn from it and be proactive to correcting it.  Keep improving until you achieve what you want to achieve.


In the book “Psycho Cybernetics” by Dan Kennedy and Maxwell Maltz they explain that your success/failure is all dependent upon your own self image or rather….how you see yourself through your own eyes.

What you see in your mind is what you will get in the real world.  If you dwell on thoughts or images of past/present/future “failures” then your mind will move in that direction whether you like it or not.

If you dwell on thoughts of the things you want/your goals you want to accomplish in this world…your mind will work towards it just as fast.

It’s all dependent on what you are focusing on.

The major revelation I got from this book is that your mind is meant to be a goal achieving machine.  The more you are focused on what you want in your life….the more your mind will target in on it like a heat seeking torpedo.

The reason why you “fail”?

Because you are selling yourself short by seeing images of failure.  You have images of future and past failures so you don’t even bother starting in the first place.  Or you just give it a half hearted effort because your mind can’t compute the success.


So how can you succeed?

This is the big question.  How can you set up your mind to automatically achieve your goals?

You have to start putting images in your mind of the things you want.  Put images in your mind of the way you want to ideally see yourself to be.  Keep your mind focused on what you want….rather than what you don’t want.

So how do I do that??

Do this for the next 21 days…

This might be a little weird to do but if you do it….it will totally change your life.  And if it doesn’t…you can stop reading this blog and talk as much shit about me as you want.  Tell your friends I’m a crazy son bitch and write nasty comments on my blog.

All I ask is to just try it and give it a good effort.  Hell…you have been doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results.  Why not try something different and see better results?

I want you to take 15 minutes of each day sitting down with your eyes closed in a completely relaxed state.  For the first 5 minutes focus on your breathing…do whatever you gotta do to make yourself relax totally.

For the following 10 minutes….Visualize yourself in a theatre and in the theater it is playing a movie with you in it….in your ideal self image.

What job do you have?  What does your body look like?  Who are your friends?  What are you doing on a daily basis?  Picture yourself happy and feel that emotion.  Look at the little details that surround this new ideal self.

Also do this….

Before going into a situation that gives you a little nervousness take about 5 minutes to visualize yourself doing it with confidence.  Visualize how you want the situation to go.

Then let go and do it.  Don’t think about it.  Your mind will take over and the results will be astounding.

I recently did this when negotiating a deal for a new facility.  I pictured in my mind how I wanted the entire negotiation to go.  I pictured how much I was willing to pay for the rent per month and the times I wanted.

Then I just let go and went on autopilot.

What happened?  I ended up getting the times I wanted at the price I wanted at the terms I wanted.

I constantly do this when I hit the gym.  I visualize how I want my workout to go.  Then I just let go and do it without thinking.

This will take time and practice.  I realize this could be outside of your comfort zone so please do these things in private.

But I assure you that if you do these things on a regular basis….for at least 21 days….you will be amazed at much your life has changed.

Some results will happen instantly.  Some will take some time to manifest in your life.  Give this 100% effort for the next 21 days.  I promise you that you will absolutely change your life.

Dan Go

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  1. Kerry O'Brien

    Awesome words Dan, and oh so true! It’s just what I needed to see today! Keep up the good work!

  2. roshan

    Dan the Man!
    good stuff going on up here. I remember reading a few books that said the same time! keep up the good work man and keep sharing your knowledge 😉 take care bro!

  3. Thanks Kerry! Sometimes when things are going bad you read a certain piece of information that will turn it all around.

  4. Good stuff Roshan! You gotta take a look at that book I mentioned in this post. It is life changing!

  5. Sham

    Thank you for sharing what you have in todays video.
    Also the reminder that – I was put on this earth to succeed, have started using that as a mantra already.
    What I am not comfortable with is your use of highly derogatory words….read todays blog and you will know what I mean. You mean well…its your way of expressing emotion I understand, you can leave them out.

    Thank you


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