2Apr, 2013

Markham Boot Camp 6 Week Transformation Results

We recently ran a 6 Week Transformation Challenge at our Markham Boot Camp and the results are in…

Our team saw an incredible total of 348.6 lbs of Total Weight Loss!!!


Simple amazing.  Our coaches are proud of everything our team has accomplished this past 6 weeks.  We’re gearing up for the next 6 week challenge happening in April 15th but before that…

Here is what some girls had to say about our Markham Boot Camp program…

Andrea Case – Markham, ON


“My fitness level was very very minimal. If I popped into the gym once a quarter I was lucky. I did hot yoga every few months—something always got in the way

After doing the Sexy in 6 Challenge my results where fantastic — I lost 14.2 lbs, 15.6 inches and went down 2 pant sizes!!!!

I would say to anyone that is thinking of joining the program that they NEED to join NOW!!  The group of ladies in the classes are fantastic, you never feel bad about your fitness level because everyone encourages one another every step of the way.

The coaching is like nothing I have ever experienced before. There is a perfect balance of motivation, inspiration and being held accountable by the coaching team lead by Dan.

For anyone serious about making a transformation to their well-being and fitness I say ‘Go Girl…..you can DO it’!!”

Jenn Ladouceur – Markham, ON

photo 1

“When I was younger, I was very active in team sports. As I got older, the opportunities to play got fewer and fewer, which meant I exercised less and less. I quickly started gaining weight and tried several different programs to get back on track. Nothing was working.

After doing the 6 Week Transformation Challenge I’ve lost 23lbs!! Down one pant size and my Confidence starting to climb!

When I finally found Go Girls Bootcamp, I found an environment where the workouts pushed me where I needed to go; the girls I worked out with were friendly, encouraging and supportive; and the trainers genuinely cared about everyone reaching their goals. I finally found the “team” I needed to get back on track, and succeed.”

Amanda Bass – Markham, ON

photo 2

“Looking back at the last three years — I was a Couch potato with a little activity.

After the 6 Week Challenge I lost 14.4 pounds Not sure about the inches — need the analysis 4 sizes down (Size 14 to Size 10)

To anyone thinking about joining…JFDI – just ****’ing do it. 🙂

Reasons why — Amazing coaches (Dan, Rosie, and Steph), amazing workouts, sense of community, positive energy, and results if you are committed.

The continuous weekly updates and pep talk in the facebook SI6 were helpful to keep me focused and positive! The encouragment and high fives at the gym and progress made me feel extremely good about my achievements and self. It also helped to keep me get pumped up and keep on track during the week.

I get excited about coming to workout!”

Lisa Impera – Markham, ON

photo 3

“Before the 6 Week Challenge I’d have to say that my fitness life was “poor”

After the 6 Week Challenge I lost almost 15 pounds…one dress size… can’t remember inches.

Join, join, join…..if I can do it being one of the more “mature” members..so can you… if you are only able to do 60-70 per cent of the program, but have given 100 per cent…you are on the right track…I want to thank Rosie, Steph and Dan for all their encouragement, and support !!!!”

Yeeshin Lo – Markham, ON

photo 4

“I was attending GGBC (our boot camp) classes at a max of 2 or 3 times a week. I always tried my best not with the same intensity, dedication and determination as I’ve done with Si6 (sexy in 6)

After doing the challenge I went from a pants size of 6 to 2. I dropped 12.8 lbs. I’m waiting for them to give me my inches 😉

If you’re thinking about joining I’d say…DO IT! What are you waiting for??”

Abirami Sappani – Markham, ON

photo (11)

“Before the challenge I was moderately active.

Here are my results after the challenge: Weight loss- 15 lbs ( machine at home) , inches- sorry did not myself as you did it for me and pants size down from 15 to 13/14 now.

Definitely do it. It’s worth every penny. You just got to listen and follow what Dan says;)”

Jenny Bell – Markham, ON


Results: 14.2 Pounds weight loss and 5.2 inches off of her waist!

photo 1

photo 2

“Will YOU Be Our Next Success Story?”

The main thing I want you to get out of these results is that if they can do you can definitely do it.  Looking to make a change right before summer?  Spots are now open for our next 6 Week Transformation Challenge.

If you want to grab an early spot on our next 6 Week Transformation Challenge happening April 15th register at www.GoGirlBootcamps.com on the top right corner.

We are only taking on 20 new challengers and we expect the spots to fill up super fast.  Register now to grab your spot early!

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