1Aug, 2013

Markham Boot Camp Helps Amanda Lose 50 Lbs of Fat

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Pictures Speak A Thousand Words! But they can also invoke so much emotion!

But before I get to far let me introduce you to the girl on the left above (aka BEFORE doing the Markham Boot Camp ). She’d (past tense because she’s gone) been around for the last 6 years pretty steady….busy really busy being a mom, having a career, being a wife, the social coordinator, the cleaner, the renovator, also a dabbler of gyms, personal training sessions, a season of sports here or there and flirting with the idea of wanting to get fit.

She lacked the motivation, commitment, drive and that little spark, that catalyst that push to get the wheels and cogs of change in motion.

Now I’m the girl in the picture on the right! It’s been an amazing ride! I transformed, I participated and owned the programs!! Sexy in six is right! The support, the high fives and the smiles!! I am extremely proud to say I lost 44 pounds in ONLY 12 WEEKS!!

My nutrition has changed. I have met some of the most supportive and positive people in my life in addition to the support at home from my family, my close friends, and some really supportive colleagues at work!

The positive energy is all around me! I just need to keep that around take it in and just acknowledge that there will be negative energy, but recognize it and not let it deter me from my ultimate goals!

I’ve lost a net 50+ pounds during my journey and the good news is I am still working to see where I can go! I feel great and I know I am not done yet! My size 14 labels are now size 8 or size 10 labels. Results don’t lie!!

My state of being has changed: I am transformed! Now onto the next phase! I have found a program that works for me; if you don’t believe then look at my picture it does speak a thousand words! If I can do it you can too!

Amanda Bass – Markham, ON


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