13Sep, 2013

Markham Boot Camp Helps Garima Drop 26 Lbs In 4 Months


“I was moderately active person but lacked the real motivation to reach my fitness goals. I was going to gym for about 6 months before joining but could not see much change in myself. I heard my friend saying that Markham Boot Camp really works. I tried to give it a chance and it did really worked for me !! 🙂

I have seen tremendous results after I joined the camp. Idropped 26 pounds in about 4 months and went down from a size 13-14 to size 9. I feel great about myself.

The good thing about this boot camp is it couples exercise and nutrition in a way that if you follow both of them religiously, you are bound to see results!!”

Garima Gupta
Markham, Ontario
Platform IT Technician

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