10Sep, 2013

Markham Boot Camp Helps Meagan Wear Her Wedding Dress With Confidence!


I was able to wear my wedding dress with so much confidence! and I loved it! I actually wouldn’t stop posing for pictures! It was such a good day!

Before joining Markham Boot Camp I was working out at a gym with a trainer – but once the cost became too much, I lost motivation to go the the gym as often. Not motivated to workout at a high level on my own, so I joined the boot camp.

Since joining my fitness level has become so much higher! People comment all the time about how much I’ve changed the shape of my body. I’m not a huge believer in stepping on a scale, however I believe my clothes when I put them on and they are too big! At least 2 pant sizes! I’ve become addicted to attending boot camp! It’s a very big part of my week. Don’t be scared away by the first few classes, it will get easier, it will make a difference. All the girls in the room will help you out and motivate you on days that you don’t want to be there!


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