2Aug, 2013

Markham Boot Camp Helps Nisha Lose 25 Lbs In 2 Months


Before joining the Markham Boot Camp, not only was my physical fitness completely different, so was my lifestyle.

I felt sluggish, I would sleep for infinite amount of hours and be exhausted, I would eat without second thought continuously all day long.

I found myself shying away from photo’s because I was so unsatisfied with how I looked in photo’s and with myself. I knew what I wanted my end result to be, I just did not know how to get there.

After ONLY 2.5 MONTHS, I have lost 24 POUNDS!! Looking back at pictures of me just earlier in the year, I am glad I made that first phone call to GGBC.

I always wanted to do it, but would put it off “for tomorrow”. When tomorrow comes, you will wish you had started yesterday, but it’s never too late to start today! I have gone from a snug fitting Size 10 to a Size 4!!!!

Could there be any better reason to buy new clothes than this? I had more energy, I became more active. I enjoyed sports when I was younger, but then as I used to say “life happened”.

Well, life will always continue to happen, but I found a way to incorporate GGBC while balancing full-time school, two jobs and volunteering.

It is not impossible, you just need to want this for yourself.

The trainers/coaches are the absolute most supportive people that I could have ever imagined. In traditional “military style” boot camps, there is a lot of negativity and harsh yelling; I did not need my self-esteem and ability knocked down any further, I was just fine doing that on my own. Dan, Rosie and Steph, they constantly push me to believe in myself.

Nisha Thomas – Markham, ON

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