11Sep, 2013

Markham Boot Camp Helps Patti Lose 14 Lbs of Fat And 7 Inches Off Her Body


“In the last 10 years fitness wasn’t a priority, I used to participate on several sports team (baseball and volleyball ) however, my career got busier and caring for aging parents took over which made less time for fitness or exercise. So, the most exercise I would get was dashing to the cafeteria for a tea and grabbing whatever was easy and fast to grab for lunch.

Results are what is really cool about Markham Boot Camp. At first I didn’t lose weight which was kind of depressing since, the exercises were very hard and I felt every one of those old office worker muscles ache the next day. However, my clothes started to fit better and better and get so lose that within 6 weeks I had to buy smaller pants, tops and and jackets. I was building muscle and toning so, my body was shaping up and changing even though the scales went down slowly. I lost many inches all over and had “baggy pants” syndrome. It was embarrassing but, oh so cool to have baggy pants! Way better than pants so tight I couldn’t wait to get home to take them off.

They did a 6 week fat loss challenge and I won by losing 14 lbs of fat and 7 inches off of my body!

My life is still busy however, I make the time for “ME” now and to get healthy and in shape. Even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the class, I’ve survived and keep going. My mind needs the break from work and all of life’s stresses and strengthening my body with the training has helped me deal with the stress better. It’s also helped me with my gardening. I noticed this summer it doesn’t take me days to recover from a day of gardening anymore. I can squat and pull weeds and bend over and do all of those things and not be sore for several days. So, that has been a big bonus and unexpected difference this summer.

If anyone was thinking of taking the boot camp, I would say”Go for it!” It’s not easy however, it gets excellent results and our trainer is great at keeping you motivated on your goals and striving for that next level. He’s always telling you that you can do it, just a few more and you want to succeed for yourself! He makes it all about you and making you better! His classes are excellent and he takes the time to make sure everyone is doing the exercises the right way and why you are doing them. It’s really like having a personal trainer but, in a small group situation.”

Patti Stapleton – Markham, Ontario

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