30Aug, 2013

Markham Boot Camp Helps Rosie Lose 47 Lbs Of Baby Fat


I have always been fit, and toned through out my life, but never have I seen these outstanding results that I have gained using this program !

I joined Markham Boot Camp 6 years ago as a member after my second pregnancy, to kick start my workout regime as I had hit a plateau and continued with Go Girl Bootcamp thereafter I had my 3 child. The rest is history they say because I would not ever turn back!

After taking the First Transformation Program offered, I lost 47 pounds of my unwanted baby fat!

I look better now, that I am a mother of 3 then I did when I was in my twenties! I’m weighing in my low 130 range, and am back into my size 5/6 pants from when I was in my teens!! It’s unbelievable when I look at myself in the mirror and see a new leaner, stronger and sexier me. I can actually see definition in my arms, and abs, and overall…my body looks toned and I look and feel great!!

If you are looking to get fit, this is the place to be…a proud community of women who come together and push themselves and each other, a great atmosphere with women who are there for the same things, for a healthier lifestyle, get leaner, feel fantastic and of course Get Sexy!

Rosie Metayer – Markham, ON

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