6Aug, 2013

Markham Boot Camp Helps Shelley Reduce Four Pant Sizes


Before joining Markham Boot Camp my fitness regimen consisted of hot yoga, ballet, walking on my treadmill and occasionally something offered by my local community center. After I had my first child to when my third child was about 3 years old, my physical activity was very sporadic to non existent. So, at the time I thought I was doing pretty decently (it was a vast improvement over the previous several years!). I realize now that I was mistaken.

I started GGBC on a one month trial deal. At the time I was not optimistic it was something I was going to stick with. There are so many things that separate GGBC from others places. The encouraging, supportive and motivating environment is the stand out for me. The coaches, Dan, Rosie and Steph do an amazing job creating this but I’ve always been amazed by the women that you are surrounded with every time you do a workout. When you’re tired and your muscles are burning there is always someone there saying “You can do it!”, “Come on, just one more!”, “Great job!”, etc., etc., etc. And the workouts create results – I’ve never been in better shape!

I am stronger, more energetic and feel great! Because of these things it has also given me the confidence to try other new things.

This past winter I learned to snowboard, something I was always scared to learn because I thought I would just injure myself. In the past I was never able to run, my knees would hurt after even 1 km. Now, I run pain free and recently, just completed my first Spartan race. I never dreamed I would ever do that! I am also able to do more active things with my kids – now they have to keep up with me!

This has been the only thing that I’ve tried that has actually changed my body. Although I was never really ‘overweight’, I always had the ‘muffin top’. This has been greatly reduced and my pants size has gone from a 4 to a 0!

If you want to look and feel great – put any excuses aside and just go for it! It may very well be one of the best decisions you could make in your life!

Shelley Baba – Markham, ON

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