20Sep, 2013

Markham Boot Camp Helps Valerie Become Happier And Increase Confidence Through The Power Of Fitness


Before I joined Markham Boot Camp in September of 2012, my fitness level was mediocre. I didn’t belong to any recreational sports, although I had joined a few fitness programs in the pass. The only exercise I was getting on a regular basis was taking my dog for walks around my neighborhood.

So far, just from attending 3 Boot Camp classes a week I’ve lost 10lbs, my goal is another 10lbs by the end of January. Now, I’m wearing a size 5 in dress pants and small tops. My size 11 skinny jeans are too big now and require a belt!! The one thing I’m enjoying the most, is my energy levels are at steady and constant high level.

I no longer come home and fall asleep on the couch after work. I have energy all threw the day and evening. Working in a fast paced environment, the energy I have now has only given me much greater success to accomplish my daily duties. The best part is my colleagues, clients, friends and family have all noticed such a positive change.

Anyone who’s considering joining, I’d say “Take the Leap” It’s the best gift you’ll give yourself this year!!! Not only am I more confident, I’m feeling better and happy in my own skin now. I cant wait to reach my personal goals, and see how I feel and look then. It’s been all about personal success and accomplishment for me.

The trainers, Dan, Linda, Rossie and Stephanie are all wonderful and even though they will accommodate you and your fitness levels, they will also work with you so you reach your fitness goals.

Valerie O’neil Gahagan – Markham, ON

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