20Aug, 2010

Markham Boot camp instructor gives a really quick fat loss tip

I wanted to leave you this quick super effective fat loss tip I
got from fat loss expert John Romaniello but be warned…it’s not
for everyone.

And it might be a little offensive. So if you are easily offended
just skip this email entirely.

Here is his quick way to get and stay lean:

“Here’s a foolproof way to stay lean:

Every single time you’re about to eat something in your house, put
on a pair of tight jeans and a belt, pull your shirt up above your
belly, sit down at the table and look at that fat roll on your
stomach. Then decide what your meal will look like. I guarantee
you’ll get leaner.”

It’s a little crazy but I tried it the other day and it made me
really think about whether or not this meal would help me get leaner
or bring me back to the days where I was a really fat dude.

Talk soon and have a great weekend!


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