31Jan, 2010

Markham Boot camp instructor reveals the Chinese secret to staying skinny

Hey there….I’m back home from my 3 week trip to Asia.  Did you miss me?  You know Asia was really fun and all but I definitely was itching to come back to Toronto and get back into the hustle of things.

But man the things I did in Asia could make for a lifetime’s worth of experiences.  Here are just some of the crazy things I did there:

–  On New Years eve I went on the Mic at a rooftop party my friends were having and lead the countdown along with 200+ people counting down with me.  Sickkkk.

–  I went on a tram that was sending us to the Buddah on Lan Tau island.  Here are some pics from that adventure…

Glass flooring so you could see the bottom

The tram was literally couple 1000 feet in the air...you can see the big buddah in the left corner

Starbucks at the Big Buddah

There were so many other legendary experiences that it would probably take a novel to note them all down.

The one thing I noticed when I was in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei is that guys and girls are ridiculously skinny down there.  It really got me thinking…

It’s pretty safe to say that their diets are pretty horrible…heavy loads of carbs…even at night, they don’t drink even a little amount of water (I asked for water at a restaurant and the waitress lady gave me a weird look..like I was from another country…go figure) and they eat a hell of a lot of fried foods.

I don’t see a lot of them hitting the gyms to workout…at least not like they do in North America…one the most obese continents in the world.  Where there are more obese people than average weight people.

So what the hell was it that they were doing as a nation that we were not??

They did NEPA.

What is NEPA you ask??  It is short for Non Exercise Related Physical activity.  And they did a lot of that.

Regardless of their diets…Asian people could quite possibly be the most active people on the face of this earth.

After eating breakfast, lunch and dinner there is only one thing they do afterwards….they walked.  They walk to the subway…they walk to work…they walk everywhere.  Up the stairs, down the stairs.  Everywhere.

Hell I was walking so much that I started to develop pain in my right knee because I never walked so much in my life.

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t quite adhere to a strict nutrition plan when in Asia.  I did what I could but more often then not I was eating half as good as I did in Toronto.  I worked out yes.  Very frequently.  But the eating was horrible.  Those late nights didn’t help either 😉

But I came back to Toronto 5 pounds lighter.  I sure didn’t gain muscle on that trip but I definitely didn’t come back a lard.

Is this all it takes to be skinny?

Definitely not.  But increasing your daily NEPA will help you burn those extra calories and if you can do it after a meal it works like magic.

Next time you find yourself having the option to park a little farther, skip the elevator and take the stairs or even walk to your destination rather than drive…especially after a meal the best thing to do is go for a nice long walk to help digestion and burn a couple calories. Do this consistently enough and it will lead to a leaner body in the future.

Hope this helped you.  Lemme know in the comments below if you know other ways on how to use NEPA in your daily activity.

Talk soon,

Dan Go

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  1. Sara Alian

    absolutly right what you are saying… We Have To Stop Being LAZY! when we have any chance to move our butts JUST DO IT! MOVE YOUR BUTT 😀

  2. Alida

    Hi Dan!

    I experienced the same thing when I went to Italy. I ate like a champ and I don’t mean a body building champ! We had pasta every day. We walk to the bar every nite and had first ice cream then cappuccino and usually an after dinner drink. Lots of homemade sausage and prociutto , pizza and pasta. Everyone tries to feed you more then the previous host. I did pass on the bread since I was too full for it! I chewed my food slowly so it looked like I was eating all the time because if you are not eating, they try to give you more. We also walked all day. I lost 5 pounds. It was great!


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