12Oct, 2010

Markham boot camp owner lists the top 5 ways to get your body back

Helloooo there…hope you are doing great! If you lived in Canada you most likely ate a hearty meal (or two) for Thanksgiving. Feeling guilty at all?

No worries. I always got you covered. Today I’m going to list the top 5 things you should start doing now to get back on track and get your body back.

I’m working on a couple of research projects that will help you get your body back after a Thanksgiving massacre. Things like:

– Fasting
– Metamucil
– Cheat days (yay!)
– Carb cycling

And of course…new cutting edge ways of exercise for F-A-T loss.

You will probably be hearing a lot more about the techniques I’m mentioning in the news in the next few years as they are HOT in the fitness world right now.

But because you know me…you are getting them as soon as this month. We have a lot of parties to attend this holiday season and I want you looking as smoking hot as possible. These will definitely help you get there the fastest.

I’m actually heading to Las Vegas to network with the top fitness experts in North America. I’m sure I’ll have new insights and ideas to share with you when I get back..or even when I’m down there.

So here are the top 5 things you gotta start doing now to get over that Thanksgiving hangover and start looking fantastic:

1. Take this 21 day nutrition challenge

If you’ve been reading my blog or taking my boot camps you know it all starts with eating right. So I want you to go back to the basics:

For the next 21 days I want you to take the Green Face Challenge.

– You stay away from any and all carbs (potatoes, rice, breads etc..) and eat only Green vegetables (as many as you want) and meats (foods that have a face like chicken, beef, lamb etc..)

– Drink 2 litres of water a day

This will reset your body and take out all the bad stuff you may have been eating over the past couple of months.

Eating this way will help you loose a 2-3 pounds per week depending on how bad you were eating before.

2. Step foot in the gym 3-4 days a week.

The hardest part of working out is actually going into the gym…especially as it gets colder and the weather gets worse. I want you to make it your goal to step one foot inside that gym or boot camp floor. Even if you leave after…it doesn’t matter.

Chances are…you won’t leave and you will get a kick butt workout making you feel better about yourself and helping you get your body back.

3. You have to work out the RIGHT way.

There is really no point in going to the gym if you don’t know how to workout the right way to achieve your fitness goals. That is the reason why 75% of people who have a gym membership never use it.

They don’t see results and/or are bored of doing the same ineffective exercise routine that they give up and just quit altogether.

Gym owners know this. You want to know why? They know this because they oversell their memberships by as much as 88%. That means that if every one of their members went to the gym…they would only have capacity to hold 12% of all it’s members.

You can skip all that altogether if you know what to do to reach your fitness goals. You do it by different types of resistance training using circuits and interval training.

4. Surround yourself with the right people.

Here’s a trick: List out the 10 people you spend the most time with. Then list out your top 5 goals.

Are the 10 people congruent with your goals? The fact is you have to surround yourself with people who are like minded and have similar goals as yourself. It’s a harsh reality but true.

That is why my boot camps get amazing results because all of my members are surrounded by like minded people (and super cool ones too…we don’t allow negative energy zappers in there) who are all after the same goal ====> To look Fantastic naked.

Surround yourself with more people who have similar goals = Success in reaching your goals.

5. Join a proven Body Transformation program that actually works

You want a program that has helped hundreds of women get into the best shape of their lives. Go Girl Boot Camps uses a proven system of cutting edge training and nutrition techniques to get you into your best shape ever.

You also want trainers who have more than a decade of experience in getting women into the best shape possible. What you don’t want is trusting your body to someone who just got their certification over the weekend with no training experience.

Why you should join:

* Our Afterburn workouts are based on scientifically proven techniques that will burn ffat 9x faster than traditional exercise and up to 36 hours after exercising. Meaning you are burning calories even in your sleep.
* Our program is 100% G-U-R-A-N-T-E-E-D to work or you get your $$$ back.
* You will be around 15 to 20 women who have the same goals as you do and are just as determined to get there.
* Our nutrition program is simple to follow and you have full access to our trainers for sit down consultations.

And if you don’t believe me, just read the testimonials on our site and our clients can tell it for us.

You want a program that does what it says it will do. Now what I’m not saying is that just joining our boot camp will magically help you change your body without any effort on your part…and if you think that then you might as well stop reading right now.

Here’s the truth: It’s going to take hard work on your part doing the boot camp and watching your nutrition.

I’m pretty sure if you got this far into the email you knew that already and are prepared for it.

Now before you make any investment…we want you to try it out before buying it. We don’t want you to pay for something unless you feel it can help you towards your fitness goals.

So all you have to do is set up your free trial here:

>>>> Www.GoGirlBootcamps.com <<<<< And take that first and most important step towards getting your body back. This is Dan Go and I hope you enjoyed this email. Next week I'm going to come out with a technique I am using right now that will be all the rage in the next year or so. So watch out for that email. Until then have a great week! Dan Go Ps. Remember the holidays is probably the time most people you know gain the most weight. Reverse that trend now and become the person at the Christmas party getting all the compliments. Get your free trial here and look fantastic now: >>>> Www.GoGirlBootcamps.com <<<< .

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