15Nov, 2010

Markham Boot Camp Owner Reveals The BEST Fat Loss Workout EVERRRRR

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome. I’m just going over my travel schedule for the next month and it’s looking STACKED:

December 5th to December 13th– Punta Cana for my birthday trip
January 27th to January 29th – Masterminding with the BEST Fitness experts in the world in Las Vegas
February 11th to February 13th – Back to Vegas again to do some business masterminding
March something…not sure when this is actually..– Anaheim, California for a fitness conference and another masterminding session with the best Fitness has to offer.

If there is one thing I like more than traveling it is meeting new people with the same values and mindsets I have. Honestly in the past I never envisioned myself living this life. I don’t usually tell this story often because it’s still embarrassing…but it’s important to tell you where I came from…

Back in the day I used to be a fat college student. After high school was over I ended up hanging out with the wrong crowd, started to get super lazy and generally did not care about my body.

Then I’ll always remember the first time it hit me that I was losing myself and losing my body: We were hanging at the local spot where everyone goes to hang out. I was having fun with my friends as always…goofing around.

Then I see an ex-girlfriend I hadn’t seen for about 2 years…she asked me, “Dan…have you been working out?”

Me: “Err….no? Why?”

Her: “Well you look like you got BIG. Like you have been working out type of BIG”

Then one of my “friends” had to scream out…to everyone, “OOOH HE’S NOT NOT WORKING OUT. HE’S JUST GETTING FAT”… EVERYONE started laughing.


My heart sunk…I made an excuse to go home early…and when I got home I pretty much broke down. I was PISSED. I was ANGRY at myself.

It was that day that I looked in the mirror and decided that I was going to do whatever it took to get myself back into shape. No matter what I had to do…I was going to get myself into incredible shape and stick it to the people that were laughing at me. I was going to change my life and my body and that was the moment I knew I had to change or else I would end up living a life that I didn’t want to live.

I tried everything possible to shed this extra layer of fat on me:

I took fat loss pills, did detoxes, wasted money on those ab contraptions you see on TV (I think it was called the abdominzer or something weird like that…they don’t work btw), I even did hours of cardio and fitness classes but still did not see results.

Nothing was working for me…and I was starting to lose hope. Then I came across a magazine article that would change my life forever.  It was on this little known fat loss technique that no one was using…at least no one I knew.

I was at a point where I really had nothing to lose.  So decided “try” it out for a month.

It was crazy!  Pretty intense but honestly one of the fastest workouts I have done ever.

I started melting fat off of my body like butter on a hot knife.  It was so weird…I went through so many different ways to burn fat…looking back…I made the ULTIMATE MISTAKE:

On my journey to “Look Great Naked” I realized this: If I go to my mechanic to fix my car, if I have legal problems I go to my lawyer, if I wanted to change my body…I needed to invest in the programs that would help me reach my goal.


I bought thousands of dollars worth of fat loss programs and applied the best programs from the best fat loss experts in the world.  They were totally different and OUTSIDE OF THE BOX than anything I have ever done, tried and certainly heard about.  The BEST part about it was….

I went from weighing 204 pounds to 167 pounds of lean muscle and lost a total of 37 pounds of fat within 12 weeks.

When I got into incredible shape….everything changed…I had more confidence, I did better with the opposite sex (if you know what I mean;)), I just walked through life with my head held higher and a feeling of happiness.

To change my body I had to invest in and apply literally hundreds of different fat loss techniques and programs on myself. Some of them really sucked and were a total waste of money….but a small number of the fat loss programs I tested really worked at getting rid of that fat.

Now I’m not saying that you have to do that.  If there is one reason you are reading this blog it is to learn from the mistakes that I made and get to your “Look Great Naked Body” in less time.

It was a long road but I went from being an overweight, self conscious person to owning a Markham Boot Camp, to traveling all over North America and working with the very same Fitness Experts I idolize and still learn from to this day.

And I’m just this regular dude from Markham, Ontario.  Who woulda known?

There was actually one program I used during my fat loss journey that I refer to as: THE BEST FAT LOSS PROGRAM EVERRRR. Of course there really is no BEST fat loss program because they are all good and they all have their own purposes.

If you read this blog you already know your body will adapts to exercise programs within 3-4 weeks.  You gotta switch it up to keep SEEING RESULTS.  At our boot camps we rotate between 4 Different but equally as Effective types of fat loss programs.

We call it the Quickfast workout system because the workouts are quick and you get results…SUPER FAST.

So this is ONE of the programs we use at the boot camp to ensure that you keep seeing results and never stop plateauing…this particular workout burns up to 700 calories:

Fat Loss Complexes

I won’t get into the specifics research done about Complexes.  I’d rather just give you the program and let you see yourself why they work so well for fat loss.  Just know that this workout is so effective that it is proven that it will help you burn off calories in your sleep!

Complexes are a different type of circuit training:

– You pick 3-5 Exercises that you will do in a circuit (you do one exercise after another without stopping).

– You use one mode of exercise equipment (Body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX Bands etc..)

– When you are done an exercise, the next exercise can be done right after.  You can transition from one exercise to another without letting go of your weight.

– You will complete the reps ranges for each exercise and then transition to the next exercise without letting go of your choice of exercise apparatus (dumbbell, kettlebell etc..)

This type of circuit training is known within the fat loss community to be The MOST Effective Fat Loss Program.  Doing this particular circuit…as intensely as possible…will help you burn up to 700 calories in and outside of the workout An example would look like this:

  1. Dumbbell Squat x 10
  2. Bent Over Row x 10
  3. Pushups (hands on dumbbells) x 10
  4. Burpee’s x 10

Check out the video below for a more visual example…

We do our complexes in a specific way in boot camp to make sure we take full advantage of the metabolic disturbance in creates in our bodies.

Make sure you take caution when doing these as they can be intense!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.  If you have a strong desire about getting into shape and are willing to do what it takes…click below and sign up for the free trial for our Markham Boot camp.

We are so confident you will see results that we are offering a 60 day money back guarantee.  So even after two months, if you don’t like the results you can get your money back.  DO NOT be like everyone else and try to get back into shape when the winter holidays are over. If you are a serious action taker and ready to change your body…Click Below and take the first step to get into incredible shape

Talk soon,


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  2. melo

    that circuit training video is awesome! (y)

  3. Dorothy

    Thanks for demonstrating the set. Do you do something after the sets are complete or is the workout over?

  4. You’re welcome Dorothy! I usually do another set followed by a fat loss finisher that lasts for another 5 minutes.

  5. Cynthia

    Great Blog Dan! Looking forward to more complexes ideas.

  6. No problem Cynthia! Stay tuned because I’ll be coming out with more cool videos!

  7. Ashton

    looks like you are doing them kind of fast. Is that what we should be doing?


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