14Oct, 2010

Markham Boot Camp Owner Reveals the Feast ===> Fast Fat Loss Technique

Disclaimer:  If you are judgmental, not into having fun, and not open to new ideas then you probably want to skip this blog post.  On the other hand:  If you are fun, open minded, looking to get toned and lose weight…this is one of the bomb diggety of blog posts I have made in a long time…ENJOY!

What is up my friend!

Two weeks ago I had a crazy weekend filled with regretful actions. It actually relates to fat loss technique I’m about to show you that is so outside of the box you will think I’m crazy for doing it.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know I research a lot!  I research on myself as well as my clients.  So anything I show you has been done by myself as well as countless others who have the same goals as yourself.  I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t believe in.

The technique I’m talking about is being used by all of the high level fat loss experts in the industry and is gaining a lot of attention. If you didn’t hear it from me you would probably hear it from someone else.

But first my story

My best friend was having a black tie affair at his home for his dad’s 60th birthday. The party was amazingly well put together…it had an ice bar with free flow alcohol (we’ll get back to this part later), it had a photo booth, it was fully catered and had a charity casino downstairs which I donated generously to 😀

The party also landed on my Cheat Day aannnnd all of my close personal friends were there. We were all decked out in our fancy suits and the girls were looking hot in their dresses. It was a night that would end up being unforgettable.

If anyone knows me…they know that I seek fun at every corner…and this night had all the happenings of being a super fun night.

So remember I mentioned the party had free flow alcohol? Well I’m not going to stand up here say that I didn’t drink a drip of alcohol because I’m a good little fitness dude who is perfect and doesn’t partake in such stuff..

If I actually did say that I would be lying because heck yes I drank. Does that make me a bad fitness trainer?  Heck  no. It makes me a human being.

This next part has a couple pictures…HIDE YA KIDS!

Ok so let’s just say that on that night I had a little bit too much to drink and it all started with this:

My rule in life: Always try something once. A Totally iced out bottle of vodka with another vodka bottle being poured down my throat...that was my first mistake.

Which lead to this:

Photo boothing...always good times

Which then lead to this:

Me after having a dance off with my friend in front of my friends parents

To quote hip hop icon Drake: It was a night I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget.

I can probably count on my first hand the number of times I have been that inebriated like that and let me tell you…that it will be probably be the last time.

The Morning of Regret…

The next day I hit breakfast with a friend and a gallon of water beside me.  I was then told everything I did that night, which I had no recollection.  I was also told that I scarfed down a couple of pumpkin pies.

While my friend was telling me of my night of stupidness, he proceeded to ask me why I am not eating…

In reply I said, “FAST DAY!”

And this my friends…is what is called the Feast ===>Fast fat loss technique

Fasting for fat loss has been talked about and used by a lot of the high level fitness experts so what I’m about to say is really stuff I learned and tried out myself.

I also want to remind you that you have to do what feels right for yourself when it comes to nutrition. I can and will give you tons of ideas…as well as what I think is the definitive eating program for weight and fat loss…but in the end you decide how you want to reach your goals.

I generally use this technique when I am trying to get lean and especially after cheat days that involve alcohol because not only will it force your body to more efficiently utilize the caloric overload from the preceding cheat day, but you’ll ALSO let the less than healthy stuff move out of your body a bit quicker.

Your leptin levels will be at its highest so you won’t be sacrificing any muscle by fasting the day after a cheat.

You also do your liver a favor by allowing it to detoxify you more efficiently since it doesn’t have to deal with any new “things” you take in. The more you are fasting, the sooner your liver can get back to producing fat burning enzymes.

Right now…people looking for new diet strategies to achieve their weight loss goals are turning to intermittent fasting.

Health Benefits of Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been found to promote the following health benefits:

* Decreased body fat
* Increased fat burning
* Decreased blood glucose levels
* Increased insulin sensitivity
* Increased glucagon levels
* Increased growth hormone levels (the ULTIMATE FAT BURNING HORMONE)
* Decreased total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
* Decreased systolic blood pressure
* Increased release of extra body fluids

How to Fast

I prefer and recommend a fast after a cheat day. The fast will last for a full out 24 hours but you can drink liquids. These are the liquids you can drink: black coffee, green tea, and water.

If you’ve never tried a fast before it could and probably will be super tough the first go round. I say that you need to drink plenty of water during a fast day and also try and get a resistance training workout in there too.

In my next post I’ll be introducing a really cool new fat loss program that involves fasting from a very well known and well respected fat loss expert.

In my opinion it is one of the most simplest and easy to follow nutrition programs out there. Until then…

Stay cool Toronto 😉

Dan Go


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  1. Bee


    If you do one day of fasting, how do you handle eating on the following day? Do you go straight back into your normal eating habits?

    – B

  2. Hey Bee…Yes you would resume your normal day to day eating habits. Act as if the fast never happened and live life normally 🙂

  3. Gina

    Great post Dan, keep bringing it. Do you get dizzy with fasting?

  4. If people do experience headaches or dizziness from fasting it is more because they are getting off of sugars and caffeines than anything else. Of course you must check with a doctor if you have a pre existing condition.


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