21Dec, 2010

Markham Boot Camp Trainer Offers Holiday Tips!

Hi guys!  I know there is so much out there on how to keep the holiday weight off but I wanted to add my own two cents. Much of this is repetitive but worth repeating.  This is what I do, I hope it helps.

1.  Eat something healthy before you head out to that dinner or party.  This works!  Have you ever said to yourself, I am not going to eat lunch today because I am going out to dinner tonight.  BAD idea!  By the time you are ready to eat you are starving and will probably consume way too many calories.  Grab some nuts, raw vegetables or fruit before you go out and you will not be near as hungry and hopefully eat fewer calories.

2.  Drink lots of water. Not only is water amazing for our bodies it also acts as appetite suppressant. Water helps with digestion, clenses the body of toxins, the list goes on and on. Have some with your meals and before head out for the night.

3.  Slow down when you eat! Enjoy the company and slow things down a bit.  It takes a while for us to register how full we are.

4.  Watch what you drink! Lots of the fancy holiday drinks are loaded with calories.  Try and make good choices here.  Opt for wine or wine spritzer, or a mixed drink with water instead of sugary soda.  Have a glass of water after wine or alcoholic beverage.  Rehydrate yourself.  Try and avoid those speciality coffees that are out right now too.  Some of them have a whole days worth of calories in one serving!  Try a non fat capichino with some cinnamon on top instead.

5.  Hit the gym. Try and get to the gym as often as possible and GIVE IT while you are there.  I will try and get there at least 5 times a week over the holidays, 3 times at the Markham Women’s Boot Camp.  This will also help me escape my ever lingering holiday guests! As a bonus, working out helps releave stress too!  Do not come home and say well I just did a 30 minute interval training so I can eat this plate of cookies and chocolates.

6.  Make a healthier festive feast. If you are making the Christmas dinner this year start some new traditions with healthier choices.  Instead of the regular mashed potatoes, try baked or mashed sweet potatoes.  Make sure you have lots of healthy vegetables to choose from and not covered in glazes and cheese.  Make healthier appitizers such as vegetable trays with low fat dip or even better hummus. YUM!  For dessert you could put out a fruit plate as well with lots of fresh berries and melons to choose from. If your guests don’t like it maybe you wont be hosting next year 🙂

7.  Keep a food journal. I know you are busy but trust me this works.  If you have to write it down or enter it into your smart phone you will think twice about eating it.  It is amazing how quickly the calories add up and also how quickly you forget about what you actually ate in a day. At the Markham Women’s Boot Camp we highly recommend our clients to get in this habit.  It is a good one to have.

8.  After the holidays throw away all the sweets in the house or give them to a neighbour or seniors home, whatever, just get rid of them. This might hurt but you will thank me later. Don’t freeze them throw them out, I have eaten a frozen cookie before!

Well that is it for my ideas.  I would love to hear some of yours.  Please write me a comment so we can hear your great ideas too.

To help you keep off the holiday weight or to shed those extra holiday pounds visit us at www.gogirlbootcamps.com for a free trial workout.  We guarantee our workouts or your money back!  How is that for a guarantee.

Talk to you soon,


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