6Jan, 2011

Markham Boot Camp Trainer on Positive Change for 2011!

Happy New Year All!

For January, many people look at it as a fresh start, new beginnings, a time to reflect and make change.  I think this is a great idea and everywhere you look there are plenty of articles to help you with your new resolutions. Check out this one, I liked it, take from it what you want and make it your own. How to change your life in 30 days

What are my plans for positive change?  I have a few that I resourced from the above article.

1.  Try and eat mainly fresh foods and stay away from frozen, canned and packaged foods.  To get lean and see more definition in your body you have to follow a lean diet. At Markham Women’s Boot Camp we offer an amazing nutritional plan that is easy to follow, to all of our clients.  Many of our ladies have had great success with it and it involves eating fresh healthy foods.

2.  Be Grateful -There are many things in all of our lives that we should be grateful for.  Some people have sever challenges in their lives and yet they still have the most amazing outlook on life.  We could learn from these people to be more thankful and not takes things for granted.  Take the time to reflect on the many areas of your life that are working well and be grateful.

3.  Make a commitment to stay active!  Yes!  This is one I want to continue.  I stay active by working out at the Markham Women’s Boot Camp 3 times per week.  I also try for at least two other days of yoga and cardio.  You deserve this time.  I know many moms feel guilty for allowing themselves such an indulgence, but you and I are worth it.  It is good for our long term health and our sanity!  I know after a workout I am much better for it, for everyone.

4.  Have Fun!  We could all you a little more fun in our lives, (well at least I could)!  Schedule a spa day with yourself or a friend, go skiing with your kids or just do something they would love to do with you, a date night with your spouse, be around people who make you laugh!  What ever you decide to do take some time and enjoy life!  You know what the say, All Work and No Play…..

5.Be more positive!  I love this idea.  Whether it is more positive thoughts about yourself or other just try and make this a part of your life it will lead to a happier you.  We could all use to be a bit more positive I’m sure 🙂

Well this is some of what I will be working towards making more positive change in my life for 2011.  I would love to hear what changes you plan on making.  Make some time and submit a comment to us.  We would love to hear from you.

If getting into better shape is one of you resolutions visit us at www.gogirlbootcamps.com and sign up for a free trial class.  Our boot camps are amazing, you get results just after a few weeks!  Remember you are worth it!

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