7Sep, 2010

Markham Boot Camp trainer reveals his best late night eating tip

Hey there….hope you are doing fantasmic (my own word…made it up)

I just came back last Tuesday from a RIDICULOUS trip to Vegas with my boys and I am getting back into the groove of things.

Late night eating is probably the biggest hurdle you face when trying to burn off those summer pounds.

One thing I wanted to leave you for this week is a late night eating tip I use when I want to stop eating at night.

This is quick to the point and very effective:

When you want to stop eating at night do this…

Brush your teeth.

I don’t know about you but I’m super lazy at night so when I want to stop eating I just brush my teeth at night. It stops you from eating because you think about the process you just did (flossing, brushing etc…) and you don’t want to go back and do those things again.

It’s worked for me 99% of the time and it’ll work for you too!

Have a great week and we’ll talk soon!

Dan Go

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