19May, 2010

Markham Boot Camp trainer reveals his top 2 fat loss tools

Hey there…hope you are doing great 🙂

Things have been more than busy on my end: I’m a bridesman at my best girlfriends wedding this weekend so I gotta do bridesman stuff, I’m working on a book that I know will change a lot of lives that I’m putting my heart and soul into, and I’m running my Markham boot camps, changing lives, kicking ass taking names…you name it.

I did this quick video on my two most important tools when it comes to elevating metabolism and burning insane amounts of fat from your body. I bring these with me to the gym and I also use them in my Markham boot camps.

You’ll definitely enjoy it!

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  1. linda

    i think u sold me on that dan..haha
    where did you get those kettle balls and band?

  2. Fitness source is where I get all my equipment Linda 🙂


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