3May, 2010

Markham Boot Camp trainer reveals the one thing that seperates the successes from the failures

Yooooooo…it’s Dan Go here and I hope you are doing awesome and enjoying this fantastic weather we are having in Markham.

I just got back from sunny California from a Fitness summit and I had the most amazing eye opening time of my life.  I too a couple pics too.  Nothing too crazy but trust me…I don’t see palm trees that often in my life so when I did I was giddy like a little school girl.

The crazy thing about the conference was that people actually had heard about me before the conference. People were coming up and introducing themselves and it was….unreal.

And my mastermind group members (Leanne Ellington and Michael Duivus) were presenting on stage at this conference and they even gave me shout outs from the stage.   So imagine 300+ people hearing your name called out.  UNREAL!

Honestly it was super cool to be recognized by people half way across North America.  This is coming from a guy that was the OPPOSITE of the Most popular guy in high school.  And all the people I met at the conference were so cool.  It was like being among 300+ good friends…all of whom I’d just met.

I gotta say thanks to Bedros Keullian for putting on an amazing conference and my mentor/business coach Chris Mccombs for being such a cool guy to chill with as well as being such a generous dude.

Big Chris (my business coach), Sara, Big Zach and Me at Shabu Shabu

I also gotta say it was amazing to see Michael Duivus of Straight up fitness in Los Angeles, Leanne Ellington of Not your average boot camp in Orlando, Sarai Jones of Booty Boot camp in Sacramento, Luka Hocevar of Hocevar Performance in Seattle, Dustin Maher of Momma Tone fitness in Wisconsin, Jeff Sherman of fit soccer chicks in Baltimore, Justin Blum from Vegas, that guy from Ireland whose name I can’t remember but did Irelands version of the TV Show “The Swan” (sorry dude) and all of the 300+ people in attendance.

In fact I won’t lie, a big portion of this conference was focused on business and how we can get our services in the hands of more people that are looking to change their lives.

Come to think of it…Fitness training and boot camps are about giving clients toned abs, tighter thighs and leaner arms…but in the long run we are preventing diseases, building self confidence in our clients and building their self esteems so they can feel like they can achieve anything they want in this world.  We are actually helping people live longer happier lives.

When I think about that…it really reveals to me the true reason why I’m in this profession.  I may be biased but I’m in the best career in the world.

Okay so before I get all emotional and start crying…lemme get to the point.

As you would expect most of the conference had personal trainers and boot camp trainers who were also business owners.  Entrepreneurs from all around the world were there.

And in all honesty as much as there were a lot of successful fitness profesionals in the building…

There were also people who were straight up struggling in their fitness businesses.  Like not making money…broke..credit card debt…you name it.

You had business owners who were making a substantial amount of money, who had been in business only one year.

And you had business owners who were in the business for 7+ years and just scraping by wondering what to do.

You couldn’t find a more diverse group of business owners in one place anywhere.

So it got me thinking…what seperates the successful people from the unsuccessful?  And please don’t get me wrong.  I am using money as a measure of success but to me it’s not even about that because you can be successful and not have be uber Richard Branson rich.

This success trait can be taken anywhere in the world towards any goal you achieve for yourself…especially when it comes to transforming your body.

So this is what seperates the successful from the unsuccessful…

Unsuccesful people make excuses and blame others.

Successful people take personal responsibility for everything going wrong in their life and do whatever it takes to change it.

That’s it.

The one thing I got from all the people talking to me who were struggling in their businesses was that most of them were making excuses as to why they were doing so poorly.

It’s the economy…

I don’t have enough time to work on my business..

I’m not in a mastermind group…

I don’t have the money…

And the most unsuccessful ones would actually be cynical and sarcastic. I could seem them mock at the presenters and not take their advice seriously.  I mean seriously.  If you are at a conference with the purpose of learning…and you do that?  What’s the point of going at all?

This leads me to the SUCCESSFUL fitness trainers..

The most successful trainers I talked to had no excuses.  All they talked about was their goals, their current business and what needed to be done and what their vision was for the future.

There were no excuses.  They would actually be harder on themselves than make any excuses at all.  Their minds were focused on the outcome and what they needed to do to get there.

They don’t:

  • blame others or things for all the things going wrong in their lives
  • Make excuses
  • make negative comments or think negatively
  • become cynical or sarcastic when it comes to reaching their goals or learning something new
  • whine, bitch or complain

Successful people do:

  • Focus on their goals
  • Do what it takes to reach their goals
  • they are positive people
  • Invest in the means necessary to get them closer to their goals

Their mindset and your mindset alone is the reason for your success.

I hope you got something from this post.  Definitely leave me a comment below and let me know what you think .  What do you personally think is the true key to anyones success?

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  1. Smed

    Sir Dan Go,

    I would like to thank you for that tid bit of info, you are absolutely right! No excuses. How bad do we want something or something done? Whatever the roadblocks we take a sledge hammer and ram it or with a little hammer and we chip away at it! Always a way, MAKE NO EXCUSES and find it.

    Great job Dan, keep it up!


  2. Thanks for the comment Smed. I appreciate the comment 🙂

  3. Motivation is what we most need to have a toned and wonderful body and as well as a healthier life style. Most of us don’t have the motivation and you’ve showed how important to get the shape that you want. Giving the things that we must know and able to learn from you, “No Pain, No Gain”

  4. Karen

    That’s so true! I definitely agree to your viewpoint, Dan!

  5. Thanks Karen!

  6. Zsuzsa

    You are totally right Dan! There are no excuses. No excuses for putting on some extra weight, no excuses for not working hard enough to take it off. I myself am a new first-time business owner and your blog really inspired me. Thank you! I will keep reading it over and over.

  7. That’s awesome Zsuzsa! Once someone takes total control and responsibility for their lives…everything becomes possible!


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