8Nov, 2010

Markham Boot Camp trainer says…Don’t Be Afraid of the “M” Word

Hey there…it’s Ninjaman Dan here and I hope you are doing awesome.  One of our trainers Linda has been nominated for Trainer of the Month at Train or Be trained dot com.  It’s just another reason why our boot camp is #1 in York Region:  We have the BEST trainers.

Linda has been training for more than 10 years now and is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable trainers I know…that’s exactly the reason why she is training for our boot camp.

So to say Linda has seen it all…is an understatement.  There is always one issue that always keeps coming up whenever she trains females…and she tackles it right here:

Hi ladies!!! It’s me, Linda and I train with Dan at our Markham Boot Camps, just wanted to share a little something with you. Not sure if you have had an opportunity to go online and view the video some of you starred in on www.whotrains.com, but if you haven’t check it out.

My “fitness model” that day was a good friend of mine, and someone I work out with quite regularly. Her name is Kemi. During the taping of our video, one of the crew mentioned the “M” word….Kemi cringes and gets so upset when she hears the “M” word. What is the “M” word you ask??? MUSCLE!!!

I know a lot of you ladies are afraid of picking up the big weights because why??? You don’t want to get too much muscle, or you don’t want to get too big. HOG WASH!!! Ladies, our bodies are built differently from men’s bodies!

We simply DON’T build muscle the way men do!!! Simply put, we do not have enough testosterone, a male hormone that encourage muscles to grow, in our bodies to ever put us at risk of look like ARNOLD (Schwarzenegger that is..). In fact, we ladies have ten to thirty times less of this muscle building hormone than our male counterparts.

Women who accept the myth that they will “get big” if they workout with heavy weights will miss out on all of the benefits that this type of training can offer. So ladies SHAKE IT OFF!!!

Working out with weights will not make you look like this

Here is the simple truth about working out with weights. Muscle is a GOOD word. Your body needs to build muscle tissue in order to tone and shape your body, giving you a tight, firm, healthy, attractive and strong body. When it comes down to it, isn’t that what we all want??

Which one would you want more of on your body?

Now, muscle weighs more than fat, so if you have noticed an increase in weight when you step on a scale, this is not because you are putting on fat. So, as you increase your muscle tissue, your weight will increase but your body fat will decrease. I will admit that I am not big on the “weigh in” on the scale for this very reason.

Most women are so addicted to the scale and put so much into those numbers, I find it can be discouraging for some. I prefer to let the measuring tape do the talking! Losing inches is what it’s all about, especially around that spare tire (tummy) area!

Here’s another great thing about muscles….muscles burn calories naturally even when you are sleeping.

Let the measuring tape do all of the talking

So, the more muscle mass you build, the more fat you burn, even when you aren’t doing anything! How can it get any better than that?

My last big reason for women to do weight training is the benefit it can have on your bones. As we get older, our bones lose density.

But weight training, building muscle mass and increasing bone density is a very important preventive action against osteoporosis, and brittle bones. So, next workout, pick up those heavy weights, pump out those sets, and look forward to all of the benefits with NO FEAR!


Thanks Linda!  It’s Dan here again…if you are looking to get into the best shape of your life…and be the only one of your friends that are losing that jiggle this holiday season instead of getting jiggly like everyone else is…

Then try out our Markham Boot Camp.  The trial is totally free and if you do end up joining you are backed by our 30 day Guarantee: 

If you don’t like the results you get from the boot camp you can get your money back after the first month.

So you really have nothing to lose…other than those jiggly arms and that belly!

Sign up for your free trial below

Hope you liked that last post…talk to you real soon!

Ninjaman Dan

Ps.  We are almost at capacity for our boot camps…our space can hold only a 6 more members.  If you’ve been procrastinating on your health…now is the time to take acition and do something about it!

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  1. Dawne

    Hi guys,

    This is so true! You see ladies all the time saying I don’t want to do weights because I am afraid I am going to get bigger, I just want to get lean. They need to pick up the weights! Listen to Linda, she is right!

  2. You got it Dawne! Don’t be afraid to pick up those weights!

  3. Daniella

    I have lost just over 10 lbs in two months but it looks like I have lost much more. I am now down two dress sizes. Don’t just go by the scales, it can be so discouraging. Let your clothes tell you!


  5. Natalie

    So how do these ladies get that bulky, the ladies with the big muscles wide backs, huge legs etc.

  6. Hey Natalie: some are genetically predisposed to gaining mass in specific areas but most…at least most in my gym…are taking testosterone boosters to increase their actual size.

  7. Straightforward and written well, thanks for the post

  8. I just added your feed to my bookmarks. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!

  9. Is it okay to reference some of this on my site if I post a link to this site?


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