17Mar, 2011

Markham boot camp trainer says snacking can be dangerous!

Bad snacking!

Snacking can be the downfall for many of us.  That is why Dan’s new Body Back Nutritional program works so well.
It is not several meals a day, leaving so much up to question.  But for those of us who are not following that program here are some things to consider for healthy snacking.   It is important that you make well informed decisions on your snacking options.

Some of us, especially if we are at home or bored do the mindless snacking or emotional eating.  This is how you easily ramp up your calorie count for the day.  When this happens try and put some distance between the emotion and the food.  For example, get busy, take a walk, call a friend, read a book or something inspirational, write in a journal or play with the kids.

If in fact you are hungry than a healthy snack can be a good idea.  Snacking can help keep your blood sugar levels stable, which will help to curb hurnger feelings and help you from over eating at meal times or binge eating.

Successful snacking means being prepared.  If you have healthy snacks ready to go than you are less likely to choose that bag of potato chips. What is even better is don’t buy all those processed packaged foods to begin with. If they are not in your house you can’t eat them. Have fresh cut vegetables and hummus on hand, also keep them in a highly visible place in your fridge so they are not skipped over or forgotten. A handful of raisins and unsalted nuts are a great snack. Fresh fruit or low fat low sugar yogurt are great choices as is a single serving of tuna with some baby carrots.  But just remember to watch your portion sizes.

Like we always stress at Go Girl Boot Camp, your diet is the key to that lean body we are all working towards.  You can do all the ab exercises you want but if you are not eating healthy 90% of the time you are not going to be able to see the results.

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