18Dec, 2010

Markham Boot Camp Trainer Motivates His Team!

Hi, Janet here, from Go Girl Boot Camps. I say I am new to the fitness industry, and I am but I am not new to fitness. Fitness has always been a part of my life. I have belonged to a gym since the 80’s, (remember the 20 minute workout?), I was the athlete of the year in my graduating class, but somewhere anong the line I lost the understanding of complete fitness.

The 20 Minute Workout

Fitness is more than just working out at the gym or going for a jog jor bike ride. It is a way of life. This was NOT my way of life.

I was workinng out 4 -5 days a week, both cardio and weights, and I would give it all I had. The problem was I was not seeing the results because I would come home and EAT! I had a muffin top I couldn’t stand, shoulders that I didn’t want anyone to see. It was hard to find clothes that I LIKED that looked good on me. I used to think, what more do I have to do?

In August of this year I started working at The Markham Boot Camps and I thought I can’t really sell a program that I don’t understand or believe in so I started going to the classes and reading all the information that Dan had to offer. Then I started following it all. You know what – it works! The workouts are amazing and the trainers and the women are completely motivating. Everyone giving it their personal best, awesome!

My situation or story is not different than many women. Unless you are eating healthy 90% of the time you are not going to make the changes to your body. It is totally possible to get your body back into that fabulous shape it was in years ago. You have to eat a lean diet and workout smart and hard. You will never see those abs you work so hard on during class if you are going home and eating a ton of carbs and high sugar or high fat foods.

Once you have the food and the workout under control you WILL start to see change! Not only do you drop pounds and inches but you will also have more energy, more confidence be generally happier and healthier. This has to become a way of life. For you moms, what better message or lesson to teach your kids and habits to instill in them. Everyone has to do what works best for them but generally my rule is low carb, lean diet, limited alcohol and sugar and workout 4 – 5 times per week, (3 times at Markham Boot Camp).

What works for me at Markham Boot Camps is that you are working with a proven program. The trainers push you to always strive to do your best, get lower, try it on your toes, etc. The workouts don’t take all that long but are extremely effective. They change them up everyday and every three weeks they change the genra of exercise. They do this so we don’t plateau, and continue to see results. I figure if I am there I may as well work at it, otherwise really what is the point.

My mantra is, anything worth while is worth working for or as Thomas Edison said: “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”

Now it is your turn to make a change. You CAN do it if you want to. Stop trying all the quick fixes, they don’t work. Put hard work and common sense into play and join Go Girl Boot Camps for women. They will provide you with a simple nutritional plan to follow, give you suggestions on what exercises to do on your off days and keep you motivated to reach your complete fitness goals.

We only take a few members per month so don’t delay, sign up for our free trial boot camp www.gogirlbootcamps.com

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