11Feb, 2010

Markham Bootcamp trainer comments on Jillian Michaels getting sued

Hey there…I just woke up to find this in my email box.  I got so sick to my stomach I had to write about it…

If you haven’t heard by now Jillian Michaels of “The Biggest Loser” fame is getting sued for false advertising:

LOS ANGELES — Jillian Michaels has been sued for alleged false advertising by a woman who claims she was duped into buying a diet supplement endorsed by the celebrity trainer.

Christie Christensen of Lake Elsinore, Calif., is seeking class-action status for the case she filed Tuesday in Los Angeles. Michaels is a hard-charging, no-nonsense trainer best-known as one of the stars of NBC’s hit reality show, “The Biggest Loser.”

Christensen’s lawsuit claims she bought a product called “Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control” last month and that it has failed to lessen her appetite or cause her to lose weight as advertised.

Michaels’ picture and endorsement appear on the packaging, touting her as “America’s Toughest Trainer.” The product and a Web site advertising include the claim, “Two Capsules Before Main Meals and You Lose Weight … That’s It!”

“Ms. Michaels knows better – taking two pills before eating does not miraculously cause weight loss,” the lawsuit states.

The Web site and packaging however note that the statements haven’t been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Christensen is also suing Utah-based Basic Research and ThinCare International, which manufacture and market several diet and weight loss products endorsed by Michaels.

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Frankly…this absolutely sucks.

I’m pretty blessed to be in an industry that helps people change their lives, get more self confidence and live healthier and longer lives.

I know sooooo many of my clients and friends who love watching The Biggst Loser Trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper get these people into shape.

Sometimes I don’t agree with their method of training and I’m sure most of it is done for the drama of TV but in my opinion it is one of the best shows in the world as it gets people off their a** and motivated to change.

So it pisses me off to hear that Jillian Michaels would lend her name to a pill that claims that it will suppress appetitites and help people lose weight.

As a fitness expert and personal trainer she should know better.

She should know that you can’t take a pill for a couple months and wake up fit.  She should know that it takes hard work, the work that she’s doing with her clients on the show….to get the body you want.

All she is doing is adding to the false belief a lot of people have that you can just swallow this tiny little pill and end up fit just like her!  Sure she doesn’t blatantly say that out loud but her image on the advertising is enough communicate that.

I’m thinking about that poor soul who has not worked out a day in her life and tries this pill for a couple months.  She ends up not seeing any results, she becomes demotivated to lose weight and change her body and she doesn’t understand that the real “secret” is hard exercise and proper nutrition.

I’ve never personally liked Jillian Michaels because of the way she trains but I always respected the fact that she is helping people change their lives for the better.

Now I’m finding it hard to watch “The Biggest Loser” knowing she has her face on this little diet pill that goes against the whole philosophy of Fitness and personal training.

As you can see I’m a little worked up about this.  I’d love to hear your comments and let me know what you think.  Do you agree with me?  Do you disagree with me?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

Talk soon,


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  1. Amanda

    Hi Dan,

    I totally agree with you! Its truly disgusting that these so called celebrity trainers are endorsing these weight loss programs they know don’t work. Coming from someone that has lost 60lbs from hard work and nutrition, Sure I researched many time about the magical little pills out there but I knew better then to take a pill and think I would wake up with rock hard abs.

    Anywhoo I agree with you!! 100%


  2. Kevin

    I’ve taken NHF ThermogenX, Zeus test booster, Creatine, concurrent with a workout regimen, they all seemed to work for me, but the key is exercising, those are just aids.

    The person suing Jillian Michaels is just trying to find someone to blame for her being fat, it won’t change a thing, might actually end up rewarding her money for her next pizza. She’s the sad one…

  3. Amanda B you are definitely a model of success when it comes to women that want to make total body transformations without fad pills or drugs.

    Kevin I do agree that the woman buying the pill is partly to blame and she may even be doing this to pad her bank account as well.


    It doesn’t help that in little tiny miniature writing at the bottom of the bottle says you should exercise on these pills.

    And some people are just uniformed. Advertisers prey on these type of people.

    Regardless if Jillian was a true fitness expert/personal trainer she wouldn’t be recommending these pills in the first place. She should know better.

  4. donna

    Glad some1s suing her she only cares about money shame shame celeberties need to stop prying on the depressed.

  5. Amy Cheung

    Agree with Dan 100%! Exercise and proper diet cannot be replaced by pills. It takes mental toughness and discipline to lose weight and have a healthy diet. Laziness just doesn’t cut it.

  6. Right on Donna and Amy! I can’t say that anyone deserves to be sued but if you put your face on a product like that then you gotta face the consequences.

    Nothing…I mean nothing takes the place of hard work and discipline. If it ain’t hard it’s probably not worth doing.

  7. Diane

    A few months ago when I saw the product with Jillian’s name on it condoning weight loss with a simple pill, I was shocked. I had the same reaction as yourself. My first thought was that it goes against everything that she preaches on the TV show. As a personal trainer myself, it goes against everything that we as fitness professionals try to teach our clients.

    However, the question is….is it Jillian who is condoning it or is it the company who manufactures and markets the pill? Who is actually at fault?

    My next question is… What role did Jillian play in the design and approval of the marketing slogan? Did she actually approve the marketing slogan or did she just sell her name to the company?

    Most supplements on the market come with a little disclosure in fine print that states that their product must be supported by exercise. I find it very strange that this specific product did not have any “fine print”.

    When it boils down to it, it comes down to the big might dollar. You never know what people will do for a buck.

  8. Jenn S

    Hi Dan,
    I don’t get angry. I feel more disapointed. Disapointed that Jillian has lost a sense of who she is and what she wants to promote with the lure of endorsements and profit. That would be hard to resist. I can’t imagine that somewhere deep down it doesn’t gnaw at her. I wonder if the woman who is launching the lawsuit is more an advocate than a a victim for exploiting those who are not as well informed and to your point those who are feeling desperate and hopeless. Interesting that Jillian’s mother is a psychologist. I wonder what she’d have to say about this. At worst, it’ll make celebrities think twice before deciding where they plaster their name or their face.


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