14Mar, 2010

Markham Exercise Expert Shows You How To Fire Up Your Metabolism

Hey there, hope you’re awesome…there is a crazy video I did towards the bottom of the page (where the arrow is pointing)

I’ve been pretty busy over the past couple of days…next week we are opening up the doors to our Rapid Fat Loss Meal Planning System. Anyways…I’m up to my ears in work and I love it but hate it at times too. Like sometimes you feel like you are making progress but other times you look back and ask yourself, “What the heck did I accomplish today?” It’s just something you have to live with when moving forward I guess.

Regardless what gets me really stoked is that I’ve gotten emails and phone calls about the program from people in the GTA and all over the world (it’s kinda cool when I have a fat loss blog in Toronto but I get emails all the way from Egypt). Always cool when you done something but people are so excited they are asking about it already.

We have some really cool features in there to help you lose fat…and if you are one of the 50 people we let in I’m sure you will be really fired up with how individualized this plan is for you. You’re gonna have everything you need to shed those last 10-15 pounds. And the beauty of it is…it’s all individualized towards your needs.

And if you’re one of the many that have asked, I wanna say thank you for your enthusiasm but you will have to wait until we open doors on Monday March 22nd is when we plan to open them doors…so you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Anyhow the launch is still in a couple of days…here is a quick video I did in the winter time. It’s about one of the fat loss programs we do at our boot camps called Density Training or what we like to playfully call “5 Minutes of Torture”. These particular workouts can burn fat off your body 9x more effectively than traditional exercise (cardio, aerobics etc..) and will also elevate your metabolism up to 36 hours past exercise. So you will be burning fat in your sleep.

I pretty much explain it all in this video‚Ķ now, I gotta warn you, this video is has girls working out hard…so if you are allergic to hard work in the gym do not watch this video. I also tried my best to get the “Umms” “Ughs” and other non sensical communication out of there so I can sound like a normal human being instead of the caveman I normally portray. So get comfortable, or at least get off your butt and join the girls in the workout.

*Oh and btw I did this video for Daytime live in York Region about a year ago so my hair is a little out of this world. Also the hosts Jacqueline Betterton and Jeff Moore are hilarious. You gotta watch their show!*

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  1. Hey Dan, I love the video! Way to Rock the hair too!

  2. Thanks Jonas. My friend calls is the Convertible top hairdo because it looks like I was riding in a convertible drop top for 2 hours.


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