28Feb, 2010

Markham Fitness trainer reveals the #1 Nutrition mistake

Whooooaaaa I have to check my blood pressure right now. I just watched the sickest hockey game in the history of hockey games. You probably know this but Canada just won gold in Men’s hockey. Sidney Crosby came through in the clutch with a goal in overtime….I’m still shaking as I write this.

The one thing you gotta love about the Olympics (other than the setting gold medal records and whooping USA’s ass in hockey) is the fact that it brings my family and us as Canadians closer together.

There is just something about the Olympics and having that Canadian pride that has us screaming at the TV together like crazy wild maniacs.  I realize that it really doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing.  We’ll always be linked forever because we are proud to be Canadians.

I’m going to make this blog post really short and sweet.  I’m finishing up the final touches on my Personalized Meal Planning System and I already know it’s going to help a lot of people lose a lot of weight. I’m also organizing all the gifts I’m putting into the loot bags for my 6 Week Transformation contestants.

I gotta give it up to these girls. They are working harder than ever towards their fitness goals. I may be biased but I can’t find a group of girls that are more focused on achieving their goals anywhere.

I know for sure that they won’t make this mistake:

The One Nutrition Mistake that you don’t want to make is….

When starting a workout program….DO NOT eat more and overcompensate for the work you did in the gym.

Yup that’s it.

If you are reading this blog you definitely have the “exercise” thing down.  You get it.  You need to be active and workout properly to get the body you have always wanted…always dreamed about.

But what you don’t want to do….and what I have seen a lot of people doing (myself included) is over compensate for the exercise by eating more and taking in more calories.

Just because you worked out doesn’t give you a pass to try that double triple bypass supersized Hamburger at Mcdonalds.

It just doesn’t work that way.  Being the former fat guy myself I have been guilty of this too.  I get a good workout in the gym, do my cardio after and have some endorphins running.

Then I get a rationalization in my mind that because I put in such a fantastic effort in the gym I should go treat myself to a extra large bowl of Pho noodles with all the fixins.

This just totally kills the workouts and keeps your body looking the same if not worse.  I talked to one of my friends and she started running 30 minutes a day (which I don’t recommend doing in the first place but oh well) and she was wondering why she was gaining weight.

I only had to ask her one question, “Are you eating more now because you started exercising?”

And the answer was a definite, “YES”

This fat loss and getting lean thing is pretty easy when you think about it. Burn calories through effective fat loss exercise and take in less calories than before.

If you are doing this right now then take this as a warning sign to STOP RIGHT NOW. Workout using the exercise programs I provide, eat frequently but less portions and see what happens after 6 weeks. I guarantee you that you will see results that will keep you motivated to change your body or even get your body back to the way it was before.

Great talking to you today and one last time….

Talk soon,


Ps.  No offense to my American friends but….

Hockey Is Canada’s Game!!

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  1. Sara Alian

    THNX for your warning :s i was really doing this for last 2 months .. i feel stupid .. Now i knew why i wasnt loosing weight hmmm .. i have to start once again with less Cal. 😉
    New Month New Goal

  2. I totally agree On many Levels Dan, Calories in Calories out .It’s not rocket science but so many of our clients make that one mistake as well not eating enough protein.
    And Yes
    Hockey Is Canada’s Game!!
    (What a nail biter especially in the 3rd period with only 27 seconds)


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