19Apr, 2010

Markham boot camp trainer reveals the biggest secret Markham gyms use to keep you fat

Hey there…hope you are having an awesome day and working hard towards getting that summer body.  We only got 2 months until we unveil our bodies.  If you are dedicated to getting an awesome summer body…NOW is the time to ramp up the workouts and tighten up your nutrition plan.

All it takes is a good 6 weeks of dedicated effort to see a body you can be proud of staring at you back in the mirror

And you are not alone either…I gotta get my body right because I’ll be spending a lot of time at the beach this season. Just joined Not So Pro beach volleyball leagues…so that means shirt off beach volleyball action…I better be prepared or I’ll be one embarrassed boy.

Changing your body can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be.  The only thing I know is…if I was able to do it, then you can DEFINITELY do it.

There is a conspiracy going on in the fitness industry. I’m serious. Gyms, personal trainers and fitness instructors don’t want you to know about this because if you did…they wouldn’t have jobs anymore.

I even read a “fitness expert’s” blog telling his readers to do this same ineffective form of exercise to sell a couple of his products…not cool.

They would rather let you be blinded from the truth, let you stay fat (and get fatter) and keep doing it until they take all your money or you end up losing hope…or both.

I gotta let you know the truth even though a ton of people will end up getting pissed off at me.

I hate the fact that you are being lied to over and over and over again.  You gotta know the truth.

So what is this secret that’s being held back from you?

Here is the secret….

Hold your breath….

This is probably going to get a lot of people pissed off at me but oh well…

Aerobics and Cardio absolutely suck at helping you burn fat. And if you do more aerobics and cardio…it could lead you to becoming fatter.

Lemme explain further…doing Aerobics and Cardo to burn fat is like using a shot glass to empty the ocean. It simply doesn’t work.

When I first started working out I thought the only way to burn fat was to do more cardio. I hated cardio but I did it because I was so desperate to lose fat.

I would ask personal trainers and my friends on tips on how to lose fat. Do more cardio was the only thing the personal trainers were telling me. That’s what my friends were telling me. So I did it. And nothing happened.

I was extremely frustrated. How could I be working so hard and still not seeing results? So I had to research it out further and when I found out the truth it couldn’t be more different than what everyone else was telling me.

But first, what is aerobic exercise? Any steady state locomotion elevating the heart rate into the zone for twenty minutes or more. The zone is determined by formulas based on age and resting heart rate.

This includes: Running long distances (doing cardio for 20 minutes or more at a steady pace), step classes, dance classes, any class that has you following an instructor while he/she exercises, endless running on the treadmill, exercise tapes with the women wearing spandex (guys too)…and yes that includes Zumba…ugh

Don’t believe me?  Here is some research that proves my point:

  • In a 3 month study, women exercised at 78% of their max heart rate for 45 minutes, 5 days a week and lost no more weight than those who dieted alone

Utter AC, Nieman DC, Shannonhouse EM, Butterworth DE, Nieman CN, Influence of diet and/or exercise on body composition and cardiorespiratory fitness in obese women. Int J Sport Nutr. 1998 Sep;8(3):213-22.

  • In a 12 month study, subjects did aerobic exercise for 60 minutes a day, 6 days a week, and only lost an average of 3.5 pounds for the whole year!

McTiernan et al. Exercise Effect on Weight and Body Fat in Men and Women. Obesity 2007 June – 15:1496-1512.

Just think back to the last time (or times) you have taken a fitness class or did long distance running….did you even see results. Truth is you probably thought you worked hard, did it for a couple of weeks and then your body plateaued or you got bored with the program. This is the main reason why fitness classes can’t even guarantee results.

This is also the reason why you can have fitness instructors who are clinically obese training 2 classes a day, working out with their subjects and….not seeing a change in their bodies at all.

I worked at a big gym chain that rhymes with “Hood Life” for 2 years and saw this one fitness instructor teach 2 classes a day, she was not only overweight and obese…she was fat and bigger than most of her class members. She did this for 2 years….2 years! And I still didn’t see a change in her body.

You would think that doing all that “cardio” would make her leaner and help her lose weight?

The biggest reasons why cardio and aerobics don’t work is because:

Cardio and aerobics focuses on the calories burned in the workout but does nothing to burn calories outside of the workout in terms of elevating your metabolism. To burn calories outside of the workout you need to do something “metabolically disturbing” in the form of different types of interval training and/or circuit training.

–  Aerobics and cardio burn muscle…which is the foundation for your metabolism…which is the foundation for you to burn more calories…especially while you sleep.

Your body adapts to the exercises and the programs you do after every 4 weeks. This is why you may see results initially but plateau after because your body becomes too efficient at doing the exercise program.

So the only way to burn more calories using that cardio or aerobics is to do it longer, faster and to eat less.  In the real world this is not possible.  That is unless you want to give up your current lifestyle, eat celery all day and do hours of cardio 6 days a week.

I mean that’s cool and all…if you want to end up looking like this guy ——>

So why are fitness trainers, fitness instructors and gyms still recommending it??

I could think of a number of reasons but I won’t get into that.

I also researched further into this “Aerobic and Cardio” myth and found out 10 other reasons why it is actually bad for you and your body.

10 reasons why you shouldn’t do Aerobics or Cardio

10 Reasons you shouldn’t do Aerobics and Cardio…I might get all scientifical on you here…no worries…I’ll explain.

1. Your metabolism slows down to a crawl – Aerobics causes you to lose muscle and the lost muscle means your metabolism slows down…this means that you end up burning less fat throughout the day and retaining all the calories you take in through food.

2. Elevated cortisol (stress hormone) production – Which causes a breakdown of muscle tissue (slower metabolism) and increases fat storage or deposit fat. People do aerobics to alleviate stress yet end up creating more stress.

3.Lowered testosterone and HGH levels – For men, aerobics kills the hormone that…well makes them men. Low T-levels are associated with lowered libido, depression, anxiety, increased body fat and decreased muscle tissue. This contributes to muscle-wasting and lowers the basal metabolic rate.

This means men get fatter doing it because they lose muscle and lower the hormones that allow them to burn fat.

4. Increased appetite and a tendency toward binge eating patterns – Aerobic exercise makes people hungry! They burn 400 calories in a workout then consume the 400 in the meal afterwards because cardio makes them hungrier.

5. Oxidative Stress – Which causes a breakdown of tissues. It also predisposes one to cancer and heart attack. You actually make yourself more susceptible to two of the biggest killer diseases in the world. Not cool.

6. Conversion of fast-twitch muscle fibers to slow-twitchThe loss of fast-twitch muscle fibers contributes to aging and the loss of explosive power and speed. People become slower and slower and end up looking older and older.

7. Burns a very small amount of calories vs. the time spent – One large meal completely offsets the pitiful amount of calories burned in an hour aerobics session. And if you workout the correct way for fat loss you will be burning calories inside the workout and outside of it as well…at least 24 to 36 hours of fat burning from one real fat loss workout.

8. Overuse injuries to the feet, ankles, and knees from excessive, continual pounding transmitted throughout the body
– This is made worse by over-engineered running shoes which cushion the feet in such a way to create a neural amnesia.

9. Shortening i.e., deformation, of the muscle tissue from repetitive movements – This creates inflexibility, immobility, and muscle imbalances. Besides being tight, the bodies postural alignment becomes compromised. Aerobics create tight, inflexible bodies that are in chronic pain.

This is the reason why long distance runners have so many constant injuries.

10. Burnout – A consequence of the “feel good” neurotransmitters which also stimulate the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline is the fight or flight hormone. Too much adrenaline creates an addictive response and people going routinely for the so called “high” of running end up with adrenal burnout, e.g., chronic fatigue and depression.

With all of these reasons to NOT DO aerobics I would be cheating you if I didn’t tell you what you should be doing.

If you are looking to lose weight, tone up and have tons of fun try out our Markham Boot Camp for our DISCOUNTED starter package at $77.  The starter package includes our Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan and off day boot camp workouts.

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  1. Tom

    This is the biggest joke of life. All of this is a load of crap. Buddy talk when you got some muscle. Every point you made here could easily be shot down. If you seriously train people i feel sorry for them since they will only amount to you which all in all is a fucken joke

  2. Thanks for the opinion. I’m definitely rocking the boat with this statement so I can understand the backlash. I’ve made my points as to why steady state cardio and aerobics suck for fat loss. I’d like to hear why you think aerobics and cardio are superior over scientifically proven methods such as interval training.

    As long as you can keep the debate clean with the language I’m interested to see what makes this form of exercise great for burning fat.


  3. Jess

    Hey Dan,
    This is really surprising, but it totally makes sense to me. I have tummy fat, and I could not understand why that is because i dance and I naturally have a slim body type..well, all except the tummy. My friends would say, “Aren’t you a B-Girl? Why do you even have any fat?”…and I would not know how to respond. I thought dancing alone was enough exercise for me. I definitely work hard and feel sore the next day..but I dont really see a different in fat loss.
    There are so many myths so there..! I recently read an article claiming “For better tone, try fewer reps and more challenging weights. ” Y’know how most women avoid the heavy weights because they’re afraid of getting bulky muscles? Apparently, it’s just a myth..http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/06/health/06real.html?src=sch

  4. Hey Jess,

    Yeah you would think that with all the dancing the fat would just burn off. It kinda reminds me of some breakdancers I know who are actually overweight. You would think that dancing hard would help one burn off all of the fat but it doesn’t. Your body just adapts to the exercise, gets efficient at doing it and you end up burning lesser and lesser calories in the end.

    Fewer reps does work for sure…although I prescribe using a variety of rep ranges to constantly challenge your body into new results. If dancing is your passion then keep doing it. If you want to burn the fat from that midsection then you have to follow a sound nutrition program, do some activities such as interval training and circuit training with weights to boost up your metabolism.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Amanda M

    Great eating habits + years at “Hood Life,” “Mextreme” and my local community centre doing aerobics and cardio = me still chubby and dissatisfied with myself. Frustrated was an understatement.

    Enter Dan Go and his killer Go Girl Bootcamps. Today I’m wearing a pair of capris that I haven’t been able to fit into in YEARS! Everyone I run into tells me I’m looking great. Dang that feels good.

    Thank you Dan for the knowledge, motivation and pain (oh the pain) that you give us girls. The burn means it’s working!

  6. Awesome comment Amanda. I’m glad you can fit into your old capri’s again! You definitely work your butt off in the boot camp and it’s showing on your body. Thanks for commenting and I’ll be seeing you in class Tuesday 🙂

  7. Cyn

    Yay for Beach Vball!
    I guess ill be seeing you at Ashbridges!
    Im on the 6s… im assuming ure either in the pairs or the quads. Either way… good luck this year!

  8. No idea how you wrote this post..it’d take me days. Well worth it though, I’d assume. Have you considered selling advertising space on your blog?

  9. i like your articles a lot and will be excited to read more

  10. Why not have the article posted on the world wide web? This would be quite amazing.

  11. Who took the awesome pictures ?. Well done, really pretty, to say the least. Is it true? How can this be real? Any proof?

  12. I love it when bloggers have their own take on the matter, I respect them all. How come the writer does not share and blog about last week’s incidents?

  13. Hello!I am checking your blog for some days now. I have to say that it is very easy to read . It is already in my favourite list and i will make sure that i will follow it when possible . Thanks for the inputs . In addition, i honestly like your template and the way you have organised the contents of your site . Could you the name of your template ? Thanks

  14. Always interesting to follow a different website. Thank you for the post . Except for the content , the design of your site is really amazing . Bravo .

  15. I liked reading this, like your blog design too. Is it wordpress?

  16. Doina

    I worked out 4 times per week or more for one year. I had a personal trainer who cost me $7000. I never lost weight and my body didn’t look fitted. My daughter showed me a picture with one of her colleague before and after the “go girl” boot camp. It is my second day and I already feel some muscles which I never knew I had:) It is tough but I like it.

  17. Great to hear Doina. Hope to meet you soon!



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