4Oct, 2009

Markham Personal Trainer Reveals 27 Quick Random Fat Loss Tips

Hey there…I hope everything is awesome with you…

I had the craziest time this weekend in downtown Toronto (I swear I was made to live here…the plan is to move here by next year) where I hit up Nuit Blanche, which is a city wide art exhibit with stations set up all over Toronto.  This was my first ever Nuit Blanche in Toronto and it was crazy experience.

It’s like Toronto became a huge party and everyone came down to celebrate….it was NUTS.

Here are some pictures I took of the exhibits:


Not sure what this is but it looks really cool

One of my favourites

One of my favourites

The artist has problems with women I'm assuming...

This artist has problems with women I'm assuming...

Sick manny pacquiao painting

Sick manny pacquiao painting

Massive travelling party bus w/hundreds of people partying on the streets

Massive travelling party bus w/hundreds of people partying on the streets

Like I said it was a crazzzzzzzyyy experience.  You gotta hit Toronto next time Nuit Blanche hits town.

This is a quick blog post about some of the most random fat loss tips I have learned and researched over the years.  I definitely like #2 and use #13 when you want to lose a ton of fat in a short period of time.

27 Random Fat Loss Tips

1.  Focus on the muscle you are working out.  When doing ab exercises start thinking about your abs and you will actually start using those muscles more than the surrounding muscles that usually take over the exercise.

2.  Add a pinch of salt to your water to help your body absorb it better and keep yourself better hydrated.  The more hydrated your body is the better it becomes at burning fat.

3.  Decrease the rest times in-between your sets to increase the afterburn effect on your metabolism

4.  The more muscles you can get involved in one exercise the more your metabolism gets fired up and the more fat you burn in the process.

5.  Stay away from carbs past 4pm.

6.  Visualize the body you want.

7.  Write down your goals and make them specific.  Also go over them twice a day (once before going to bed and once at night).

8.  Add cayenne pepper spice  to your foods to raise your metabolism.  Just a pinch.  We don’t want you to add a handful and end up burning off your mouth 😛

9.  Stay away from toxic and negative people. Usually the people who entice you to eat a piece of cake even though they know you are trying to lose weight.  Toxic people are afraid of other people changing so they will do whatever it takes to keep you the same.  Stay the hell away from these people.

10. Run your own race and go after the goals you want.  It’s more fulfilling that way.

11. Join a group of people who have similar goals.  Just being in their presence alone will push you achieve your goals faster

12. Get a coach or mentor who has achieved what you wanted to achieve or has helped others do the same.

13. For fast fat loss go on the green face diet.  Do not eat anything that does not have a face or has not been grown from the ground.

14. Always change your workout program every 4 weeks.  Your body plateaus after 4 weeks and you need to change the entire program…not just the exercises to keep on seeing results.

15. Eat protein with every meal.

16. Take a post workout shake after every workout to boost metabolism and speed recovery.

17. DRINK WATER.  Women at least 2 litres and men at least 3 litres.

18. Drink Green tea after meals to boost metabolism and digest food faster.

19. Always eat frequent meals (5-6 a day).  Do not skip a meal with the intention of losing weight.  It works the opposite and brings you a step back.

20. Use combination exercises to boost metabolism.  Instead of doing a squat, do a squat and press.  Instead of doing a lunge do a lunge and bicep curl.  Incorporate as many exercises into one to boost your metabolism through the roof.

21. When shopping the grocery make sure you skim the outer edges of store.  That is where you will find the foods you should be eating rather than all the processed garbage they have in the middle.

22. Drink your food and eat your water.  Chew on your food until it is a liquid..and swish the water around for a bit before ingesting.

23. Mix Low carb protein shakes with fruits to use as an ideal healthy snack.

24. Do your exercises on one leg  to force your core to become more engaged.  Squat with one leg instead of two.  Do a bent over row balancing on one leg.  Once an exercise becomes easy…add this dynamic to make your body work more as a functional unit.

25. Do your core exercises between your sets as a rest period so you can sneak them in.  Use this blog post to work your core in ways you have not imagined.

26. Do whatever it takes to lose those inches and pounds off of your body…walk through your own fears and doubts and just take action.  The most important step to losing the fat off of your body is the first one.  Have a mentality of, “I will do whatever it takes no matter who, what, where, how…I will achieve my goals no matter what” and do not let anything stop you.

27. Join my Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp.  Instead of going to the gym and doing the same old thing and not seeing results….use my proven exercise and nutrition system guaranteed to help you lose inches and pounds.  I’m taking 7 more members into my camp for October.  All you gotta do is contact us at info@gogirlbootcamps.com and we’ll get your free trial activated.

You gotta get in before all the spots are taken!

Here is an email I got from one of the members of our 7pm boot camp:

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to say thanks for putting together such an awesome program.  In 3o days I have lost a total of 7 inches off my body. I am only down 3.5lbs, but the inches is what counts for me anyways.

Thanks again and see you tonight 🙂


I hope you enjoyed that blog post.  Don’t forget to contact us immediately at info@gogirlbootcamps.com to hold your spot.

Now I know this isn’t Nuit Blanche but…


It’s one of my favourite dogs in the world Hiro.  I swear this dog looks like a friggin Ewok from Star Wars.  Anyways I’ll talk to you soon!  Have an awesome day!

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