29Apr, 2010

Markham boot camp Trainer reveals sneaky way to spot reduce from the belly

Heeey there…it’s Dan here and I hope you are doing fantastic working hard towards your body transformation goals.

I just touched down in Orange County, California where I’ll be attending a fitness conference with the worlds best fit pros out there. It’ll be my first time in “Cali” so I hope to spend at least one day on Huntington beach and try out some surfin. Surfing has been one of the things I have on my life’s to do list.

Any time I hit conferences like these I’m hit with thousands of ideas I can start applying to my markham boot camps and workouts right away.

So I wanted to quickly drop you a sneaky little trick you can start doing now to start reducing fat from your trouble areas ESPECIALLY the belly.

I do this technique a lot in my own workouts as well as my markham boot camp workouts. If you are focusing solely on fat loss it’s one of the best methods you can use:

Lactic Acid Training aka. Positive Tempo training

It’s where you focus on SLOWING DOWN the lifting portion of your exercise as opposed to the normal way of lifting where the lowering the weight would be slower.

Lemme explain a little more in detail…

So picture yourself doing a pushup…

Normally you would push up fast (say like 1 second) and lower your weight down slower (say 3 seconds). You would have what we call a 103 cadence.

With Positive Tempo Training you would actually slow down the push up motion (to 4 seconds) and speed up the lowering part (to 2 seconds). So you would have a 402 cadence.

So instead of slowing up the motion where you bring the weight down you would do the opposite and slow down the motion when you are lifting the weight.

Okay so how does this work?

I’m going to give you the bare bones facts of why this works:

Your body secretes a hormone called cortisol into your body when you are stressed and/or eating bad foods, alcohol etc..this leads to increased fat gain…ESPECIALLY in the belly area.

When you do the positive tempo training techniqe…

Your body automatically releases this thing called lactic acid into your body..in particular the muscle you are using the positive tempo training technique on. After this lactic acid is in your muscles your body is like, “Whooooaaaa gotta do something to stop this from burning so much

So your body then produces another hormone called GH (growth hormone) which is the ultimate fat burning and muslce building hormone. This counteracts the effects of cortisol and…VOILA! Your muscles turn into a fat burning machine.

Anyways hope this helped out. I do this a lot in my own training and for my boot camps.

If you are looking to for a proven method to melt fat off of your body this summer then email us at info@gogirlbootcamps.com to activate your free boot camp trial.

I gotta hit the gym now. I’ll talk soon and have a great weekend!

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  1. So funny, Cynthia just introduced this in our class last night.


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