8Nov, 2009

Markham Personal Trainer Reveals 7 Things NOT To Do At A Markham Gym

Hey there…Hope are are doing awesome!

I just came back from a really solid workout at my gym and I am feeling the afterburn (the feeling you get after doing a serious fat loss workout.  Like your body is so fired up that it is still burning fat even after you stop working out.)

A little incident at the gym inspired me to write this blog post.  I’ll leave the story until the end but for now….

How are you doing? I really hope you are doing whatever it takes to get the body you want.


That's you!

You are definitely a “1 percenter” if you are reading this blog. Most people want to just go in the gym and do what other people are doing…but what they don’t realize is…what works (or in most cases what doesn’t work) for some people may not work for you.

Most people want to talk on their cells phones while walking on a treadmill…but not you.  You know you gotta workout hard if you want those results.

If you are reading this blog I know you “get it” when it comes to this fat loss game. Doing the things I recommend will get you plenty of stares in the gym because it is so far off of the normal things you see people doing in the gym such as:

  1. Splitting up your body parts into days ie.  Mondays is chest and back day…Tuesday is arms day…Wednesday is pinky and forefinger day etc..
  2. Meeting up at the water fountain talking about the latest episode of Gossip Girl.
  3. Using those machines that work the inner and outer thighs….a personal trainers worst nightmare!
  4. And many many more…

So this “incident” caused me to get back to my office and bust out this blog post.  If you are easily offended then I would suggest skipping out on reading this one…

7 Things to NOT do at the gym

Just say no.

Just say no.

1.  Never ever ever ever ever…..bring your cell phone to the gym unless you are a doctor on call (and NO…optometrists and dentists do not count).  People calling you can wait.  You gotta be focused when hitting up the gym…one phone call or text message or bbm could totally ruin a workout.

2.  Never be at the gym for more than an hour.  All kick ass workouts take less than 45 minutes to complete….actually 30 minutes if you are totally focused.  This includes doing your circuits and cardio.  The only people spending more than an hour at the gym are:

  • Talking a lot between sets..
  • Doing “bodybuilding” type of workouts (chest and back, arms, pinky and forefinger…)
  • Wasting time that could be spent with family, friends and loved ones

When working out effectively 90% of the time…less is more.

Just say no.

Just say no.

3.  Do not stick to the machines or the cardio equipment.  Get inside the room with the free weights and grunting ogres.  They won’t bite.  I mean the free weights…possibly the grunting ogres as well.  The best fat loss workouts come from using free weights, your own bodyweight, kettlebells, and TRX bands.  You won’t find the last two at the gym but you definitely can find the first two.

It’s not a coincidence that the people with the best bodies can be found in the free weight room.  The tire kickers can be found using the machines and talking on their cell phones at every possible chance they get.


"You workout? No way me too!"

4.  Do not…I repeat DO NOT….pick up/or get picked up by the opposite sex (or the same sex if you are down like that)  at the gym.  This can get ugly and will only lead to awkwardness if the relationship doesn’t last.  Breaking up with someone sucks but what if you broke up with someone that went to the same gym?

Seeing them every day will be…A-W-K-W-A-R-D….trust me…I’ve been there before and it ain’t pretty.

5.  Do not let anyone or anything stand in the way of you getting a good workout.  Working out is my time and I guard my time like my life depended on it.  I don’t mind idle chit chat but for real….some people just want to talk talk talk talk talk to a point where I can feel my heart rate go down and sweat dry up on my shirt.

I’m not an jerk when this happens but I do make a very polite exit out of the conversation.  This usually includes me starting an exercise while the person is talking and/or starting to walk away signalling I’ve had enough of this conversation.

Working out is your time to make yourself better.  There is a time to socialize and I’m all about meeting new peeps but I want to get my workout done as fast  and as hard as possible…then I can bother the other people exercising  when I’m all finished 😛


My training diary and my finger shadows

6.  Do not come in without a plan.  Bring a little book of the exercises you want to do and also log in how much weight you pushed/how many reps you busted out/what type of cardio interval you did/for how long/how fast each interval went.

The biggest change I made to my body came when I started to bring a book with me to my workouts to log in each and every session.  I started to lift more, run faster and burn more fat than ever.  I wouldn’t know how hard I went or how much progress I made unless I noted it down.

This also leads to the old saying…”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  Go into the gym with a gameplan and your workout will be 10x more effective.


7.  This “Do NOT do at the gym” leads me to my story….Please do not read if easily offended…

I’m cool with mostly everyone at my gym because everyone at my gym is more or less…cool to talk to.  So I’m in the change room after another solid workout when my friend comes up to talk to me…

We are laughing having a good conversation about aviation ( he’s a pilot) and he just starts stripping his clothes off  in front of me like we are at a nudist colony.

Now I’ve gotten over my change room insecurities because my very first time at the gym (I mean very first time…like 15 years ago) I would see guys walk around naked.  It was a little freaky at first but I got over it.

But this guy just stripped to his bare essentials and still carried on the conversation with me…everything hanging out in plain view.  This made me….a little uncomfortable.

He even put his foot on the bench while talking to me as if to say, “I’m naked….hear me ROARRRRR”

Soooooo this leads me to the 7th thing to NOT do at the gym….

Do not…..and I repeat……DO NOT….talk to me (or any other person) in the change room with full frontal nudity.  Hey this could be different for other people and if it is I’m not judging….just don’t do it to me k?

I hope you had fun reading this blog post.  I got so many cool things I want to share with you in the upcoming weeks that reading this blog alone will stop you from gaining all that holiday FAT…. in fact you will lose a couple pounds of fat with all the workouts and unique fat loss tips I’m gonna share with you in the coming weeks.

And if you are not seeing results from working out at your Markham gym or are just not using it I would suggest coming by my boot camp and trying it out for a week.  Just click here to get started:


In the meantime I want you to focus on your fitness goals and do whatever it takes to reach them.  Have an awesome week!

Dan Go

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  1. Great post Dan.

    Everyone should go into the gym with a plan and just get after it. You can talk later but gym time, is gym time.

    Also, don’t talk to me in full nudity neither. lol.

    Keep up the great work Dan.

    Twork it out,

  2. LOL waddup Kri! I know you go hard in your workouts. Can’t imagine someone trying to talk to you while you are killing a 50/10. Great hearing from you bro and I hope you see you guys soon!


  3. Just suspicion i would criticism as well as contend tidy design, did we formula it yourself? Looks great.


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