20Oct, 2009

Markham Personal Trainer Reveals How to Lose Lower Back Pain

Hey there,

I hope you are awesome and doing whatever it takes to hit your fitness goals.

This morning started off on a sour note when we learned that our dog Tyson injured his lower back.  He can’t even walk properly right now and it hurts to see him like this.  What’s worse is the fact that we can’t even talk to this dog.

Usually when someone is hurt I’ll be like, “Don’t worry buddy, you’ll be good in no time.

But he’s a dog.  He doesn’t even understand what I’m saying.

He just limps around giving that sad doggy face and we feel totally helpless.  He’s heading to the vet today and I’m praying he recovers fully.  (side note:  On a brighter note a day after I wrote this Tyson had surgery on a herniated disc…and he’s well on his way to making a full recovery :))

tysonHeres our dog Tyson….he is the Best Dog on the planet.

Seeing my dog in pain motivated me to write this blog post.  I hate seeing people in pain…especially if it’s myself or friends/family.

If you have ever had lower back pain you know that it is the like someone kicked you in the spine with steel toe boots (using the steel toe part) and kept their boot there.

I’ve gone through past periods of lower back pain and just waking up in the morning is a chore.  Try waking up and having to go to the washroom on a sore lower back.  Not the prettiest sight.

I looked like a man 40 years older that should be walking with a CANE.  Try visualizing that.  It….sucks.

But I got over that and made my lower back healthier, pain free and stronger than ever.  And you can do the same too.

The reason most people have back pain is….there are way too many reasons but the biggest reason is their jobs and sedentary lifestyles.

Sitting down on our butts all day your hip flexors tighten and your glutes stop working.  This is the door that opens up our bodies to lower back injuries as well as knee injuries.

Most back pain is cumulative…it’s not something that happens out of the blue.  It is a result of days/months/years of sitting down 8 hours a day.  Consistent days of not using your muscles for a long long time.

Remember…to heal the lower back and get it back into feeling normal again it will take consistency.  You gotta work at it on a daily basis and make it almost like a religion to do your glue activation exercises and foam rolling.  It didn’t get that way in one day and you won’t relieve the pain in a day either.

Here is what you can do to stop back pain altogether or at least alleviate it:

Excessive sitting shortens your hip flexors. This stretches the opposite muscles: your glutes. They become dormant. You can’t fire your glutes properly anymore. One solution is glute activation exercises. Here’s how.

You can check out hip extension here:

Benefits of Glute Activation Exercises.
Dormant glutes force your lower back & hamstrings to compensate. This is less effective & increases risks of injury.

  • More Strength. You can lift more weight, sprint faster and jump higher when using all the muscles of your posterior chain, including your glutes.
  • Less Injuries. Lower back pain, hip flexor pain, knee pain, strained hamstrings, … Glute activation minimizes risks of injury.
  • Better Posture. Tight hip flexors pull your pelvis forward: lordosis. Glute activation & hip mobility exercises are the solution to anterior pelvic tilt.

Foam Rolling –  By using foam rolling daily on your lower back and surrounding areas (IT band, hamstrings, glutes) you will alleviate a lot of tension and scar tissue that surrounds the lower back.

Here is what you need:

  1. A 6 inch foam roller

Go over the selected areas with the foam roller about 8-10 times slowly.  You will feel a nice massage.  It could be painful at first but you will get used to it and it will start to feel like heaven on piece of foam.

Here is a youtube video my buddy BJ Gaddour (Workout Muse) made with the different foam rolling exercises you can do.

These are two of the best ways I know to get rid of that pain in the lower back.  You also have to make sure that your posture when standing or sitting is closely monitored.

Make sure you sit/stand with a straight spine with chest up and shoulder blades back.

I ain’t gonna lie though.  You gotta be consistent with these solutions and work them every day.  You didn’t get lower back pain in one day and you won’t get rid of it in one day.

Try it every other day at first then graduate to doing it every day.  Give it at least a good effort for 21 days and you should see some alleviation in pain from the lower back area.

I hope this helped you out.  Leave a comment if you got any questions or need any more help.  I’ve been there before and I know how much of a pain it can be.

Take care and have a great week!

Dan Go


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  1. Nancy Jessup

    Hi Dan:
    These exercises look great to alleviate lower back pain. I am definitely going to get on them. Where would I be able to buy one of those 6 in foam rollers Dan?

    Thanks and also thanks again for all the helpful info you send my way.
    P.S. Your dog is the cutest piece of fur on this planet, glad he’s up and at it again.

  2. Hey Nancy!

    Thanks for reading! You can get those foam rollers from Treadmill factory. I love using them when I’m watching TV and relaxing. There is nothing like getting a nice massage while watching Entourage 😉

    Tyson is on his way to being 100% . I wish they had foam rollers for dogs!

  3. Pam

    Great Info….really appreciate it..;)

  4. Zsuzsa

    My cat had lower back pain. I took her to Dr. Kneebone in Toronto, a holistic vet. With a couple sessions of adjustments and laser therapy, she is pain free again. I highly recommend her. Much better then just pumping them full of anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

  5. Thanks Zsuzsa! I am really against most forms of pain killers and anti inflammatories. I really appreciate the referral!

  6. Branden Hui

    Thanks Dan Go for your referral. I have lower back pain for many years and spent a lot of money trying to get rid of it without much success. I also tries tai chi, yoga and swimming with limited success. I hope those excercise will work. I will certainly give it a try but where can I buy those 6″ foam roller?

  7. Hey Branden! Thanks for posting. As with anything this will take consistent action to experience even the slightest alleviation of pain so do the exercises religiously in the morning and night. As for the foam rollers you can get them at Treadmill factory or Fitness source. I would check only the stores that focus on fitness equipment then general stores like Canadian tire and Wal mart.

    Hope this helps buddy!

  8. Good post… you can find a bunch of free back pain articles and videos using the link above.

  9. It’s hard to come by decent info on the web.


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