9Feb, 2010

Markham Personal Trainer says, “Do this at your Markham Health Club”

Hey there! I have just come back from a sweat inducing, heart pounding, “I feel it everywhere!!!” type of workout. This is what I did today:

1. Deadlifts 2×20 supersetted with Shoulder presses 2×20
2. Bulgarian split squats 2×20 supersetted with Dumbbell pullovers 2×20
3. One legged hip extensions 2×20 supersetted with Hanging leg raises 2×20

Then I finished it off with 1:30 min/1 minute intervals x 5

Total time = 35 minutes

Needless to say I was pooped, ready for my post workout shake and a nice meal of baked chicken with a menage of steamed veggies (brocolli, cabbage and carrots).

Even though I was working out in Hong Kong I came back in not so great shape. Now I’m paying for it by ramping up the workouts and getting stricter in my diet. I’m going to be V-Dieting soon to cut the remaining fat off my body but I won’t do that until my best friends sons birthday in March.

It’s time to get more serious in your workouts and proper eating…because before you know it, it will be spring time soon (one more month!) and then SUMMER TIME AKA BIKINI/SWIMSUIT TIME.

Jennifer Aniston still looks fantastic at 40 years old

NOW is the time to put the work and get disciplined towards getting that swimsuit ready body.

So do this workout for this week to get on the fast track to fat loss. If you are reading this and in my boot camp already you won’t be doing this because we got different fat loss program going.

And if you are in my boot camp and reading this you definitely know how hardcore this program can be. I swear the people that take my camps and do these types of workouts are so freaking serious about getting results. Maybe a little psycho…but definitely serious about changing their bodies.

Ressssspect goes out to my Boot Camp members!

You wanna stick with one program for at least 4 weeks before trying something different but remember to switch things up every 4 weeks so your body doesn’t plateau. A body that stops seeing results makes us very frustrated goal achievers.

So try this:

*This is not for people who haven’t been exercising consistently for the last 2 months. Even if you have been exercising pretty consistently this could be a shocker for your body at first so take breaks when you can*

10 minute Circuit – Do as many circuits as possible within the 10 minutes. Follow the rep schemes but try to bang out as many of these sets as possible within the 10 minutes.

Circuit 1

1a. Dumbbell Squat x 15
1b. T-Pushups x 6 per side
1c. Stability ball crunches x 15

Circuit 2

2a. Overhead lunges x 12 per side
2b. Lat pulldowns x 15
2c. Mountain climbers x 20 per side

Cardio Finisher

4 minute Tabata (20 seconds on/10 seconds off x 8 )

Squat and presses

And that should do it. You should be profusely sweating at the end with a nice case of, “OMG I can’t believe I got through that” type of expression on your face. If there are people around you they might think you are weird…but this is actually a good thing.

The one thing you DON’T want to do is……Do what everyone else is doing…especially at the gym.

Hope this helped out! If you are looking at getting into fantastic swimsuit ready shape for spring and summer you gotta come to our Markham Bootcamps.

We are opening up spots for March and we are only taking 10 new people. Get your spot before it’s taken!

Www.GoGirlBootcamps.com <—-Click here to get started

Talk soon!

Dan Go

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