24Jun, 2010

Markham Personal Trainer tells his story…

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome!  Things have been amazingly busy for me these past few weeks…my markham boot camp is growing, I’m almost finished a new workout program that will be a “Game Changer”…meaning this program will change A LOT of lives…and on my off time I’ve been exploring Toronto on my down time.

Look I know that at times…we can fall off track with our fitness goals.  I should know this because I’VE BEEN THERE.  I’ll admit that sometimes I just want to say screw it all and eat every thing in sight, lay down on my couch and watch TV.  I did just that during my highschool and college years and I was pushing 200 pounds at over 30% body fat!

I was a fat boy who was self conscious about his body, so much so that I would wear a shirt while swimming in the pool. I was so ashamed, I wouldn’t even look at my body in the mirror.

It got so bad…it came to the point where I thought I would always be like that.  I thought I would always be that fat boy who was self conscious, had low self esteem and stuck in a rut for life.  I was helpless.

Even at the age of 21 years old…I thought it was too late to get in shape.  Impossible to get the body that I wanted.

Then I studied.  I did exactly what you are doing right now and I studied what it really took to get the body I wanted.  I read and applied the knowledge to my own body until discovered a technique that would allow me to burn fat easily. I ended up losing 30 pounds and dropping my body fat to 11%.

It’s the very same technique I use for my Markham women’s boot camps and corporate boot camps.

But…I want to get one thing straight…I’m not a Fitness Guru nor do I want to be a Fitness Guru or Fitness Expert or anything like that.  They can get a little over the top and I’m just not like that.  I’m really just a normal dude who got lucky and found out the best most normal way to eat and workout for fat loss…and who wants to share it with everyone else!

And I still live a normal life, have fun with friends, save cats from burning trees and help old ladies cross the road 😉

So when people go to me for advice…it still throws me off a little.  I mean the same people who would make fun of me because I was fat…..are the ones asking for advice now.

It’s a little trippy.

I know I got off on a little rant about my story but the one thing I want you to take away from this is…

It’s never too late to make a change in your body. It doesn’t matter if you are 18, 21, 30, 45, whatever…you can change your body right now.

You  know what to do.  You know how to workout.  You know how to eat.  And if you don’t…just look throught the archives of this blog and you’ll get all you need.

All it takes is the decision to make the first step.

Will you start now?  Or make an excuse as to why you can’t do it?

Will you start eating right and keeping a food journal today?  Or will you rationalize it and say you’ll start on Monday?

All it takes is a burning desire to achieve it and it will be yours.

I will tell you what my late mom kept telling me when I was a fat screw up:  She always said to me that you can achieve anything you want in this world as long as you put your mind to it.  Anything you want in this world…it is yours as long as you put your mind to it and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

If you don’t believe me…ask Laura after she lost 11lbs of fat in 1 month:

I actually have tears in my eyes… i didn’t think i could loose that much but i am absolutely amazed .
i have to thank you for all you have done for me in just one month… i felt so stuck in a rut of being fat and unhappy and truly i wasn’t sure if this bootcamp would work or not… well apparently i was wrong lol.
i have to say my diet played a huge role in this, increasing my water and avoiding fatty and high saturated foods.
also your work outs are killer, the cardio program is easy to follow but really hard to do!!

i don’t think thank you is enough. i feel like im changing my life.
this has given me even more motivation.

see you in half a hour lol

And if you think you are too old, I have a 65 year old named Margaret Singh in my morning boot camp that has dropped her body fat to 25.8%

This fat loss game is easy and hard at the same time.  To lose the weight is easy when you think about it.  Eat 5 times a day, drink water and take in less calories than you burn.  Burn off those calories doing different forms of circuit training.

The hard part is…you gotta pay the price and do it.  Everything comes with a price.

If you want a body you can look in the mirror and be proud of, buy new clothes for, increased self confidence and self esteem, and the feeling that you are in control of yourself…

Are you willing to pay the price of working out hard, being disciplined with your nutrition, reducing your carbs and feeling a little hungry at times?  Drinking water?  Reducing alcohol and sugar intake?

The price may be high but the payoff….is LIFE CHANGING.  You can do this…all it takes is the first step.

Honestly…it is not too late to change.  All it takes is a good 6 weeks of dedicated work.

Are you up to the challenge?  Are you ready to change your life?

If you are looking to change your body….NOW  is the time to do it:

Activate your free trial at Www.GoGirlBootcamps.com and start getting that body you can be proud of.  All it takes is the first step.  We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Dedicated to giving you the confidence of a brand new body,

Dan Go

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  1. My fiance and I were arguing about this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Thanks for making me sure!

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