17Jan, 2010

Markham Trainer can workout at any gym in the world for FREE using this sneaky trick

Hey how are you doing? Hope you are awesome and having an amazing holiday. I’m in the plane on the way to Hong Kong (I did this blog post earlier in the holidays) and I wanted to drop you a little note.

The food on the plane is in a word….terrible. But I gotta commend Air Canada for feeding us frequently during the flight. Every three hours they are keeping our metabolisms stoked with food. Gotta give it up to Air Canada. Props!

Now if only they can do something about this dude sitting beside me who has fallen asleep…..on my shoulder. SECURITY!! Ok he’s off now….thank god.

Not exactly the flying experience I was looking for

Not exactly the flying experience I was looking for

When I travel I don’t throw exercise right out the window. I’ve done it so much that it’s a religion to me. It’s where I absolve my sins. Lifting weights has this strange effect on me…when I’m done a good workout I feel fantastic.

Again I repeat….I LOVE TO WORKOUT.

So if you are like me, you know as well as I do that we gots to get our exercise on….even while on vacation. What that also means is…I need a gym.

But I don’t want to pay every single time I need to get my workout on while overseas. It’s like oxygen. Yeah I need it but paying for it every time I used it is out of the question. Coulda said the same thing about water 10 years ago but….ahhh well.

Here is one little trick you can do the next time you travel. I’m not sure about the underdeveloped countries but in the metropolitan ones this trick works like a charm.

Here’s how to workout in a gym in any city….FOR FREE

Who doesn't like free stuff?

Because who doesn't like free stuff?

I learned this technique last time I was in Asia. I needed to workout badly. My experience working for a large gym chain and knowing the ins and outs of how they operate really helped me out. What I got out of it was a free 2 week pass to the gym. SCORE!

Here’s my step by step process…it’s a little sneaky and does require a bit of acting…if it’s not for you then completely disregard this blog post:

1) Find a large gym chain within the city. Has to be a gym chain.

2) Ask to talk to the sales staff. Don’t bother dealing with customer service. They can’t do anything for you except send you to a sales person. DO NOT….I repeat…DO NOT tell them that you are from out of town and visiting only for whatever time you are staying there and you need a place to workout. It’s guaranteed they will charge you….very generously at that.

3) When talking to the sales staff tell them that you are planning to move to the city and looking at various gyms around the area seeing which one fits best.

4) They will probably take you for a tour of the place. Get you to sign a waiver and give your info. It’s ok. Give it to them. I don’t expect them to contact me with all sorts of advertising paraphernalia because I’m from another country. It costs big money.

5) Afterwards they will go through a sales script where they try to get you to commit to the gym. DO NOT commit to anything. Just say that you wanna try it out first to see if it’s a good fit. Do tell them that you are checking out the other gyms around and you need to do your due diligence.

6) After telling them this ask for a “However long you are staying” week pass. In fact…go high. I’d rather shoot for the stars and end up in the clouds. It’s better asking for a 4 week pass and getting a 2 week pass then asking for a 2 week pass and getting a 1 week pass.

7) Then VOILA! You got your pass and good to go. You are now ready to burn some calories on vacation.
If this is beyond your code of ethics then completely disregard this blog post. You can always workout in a park, which is what my friends and I also did last time we were in Asia….and almost puked doing one of my workouts.

I’m definitely up for getting some free stuff so you bet your know you what that I’m gonna pull this off when I touch down.

Hope this post helped you out! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this trick.

Dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals,

Dan Go

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  1. Thelma

    Hi Dan,
    This trick that you just shared, well, I have been using this for the past years whenever Im out of town ( country). So, yeah, I believe this works.

  2. It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it?

  3. Yes, I’ve used this trick too and it works!
    And for the poeple with the “code of ethics”: sometimes hotels have an arrangement with the nearest gym if they don’t have a gym on the premises and you can get a week long pass or a 3 day pass too.

  4. In japan they have public gyms where you can pay $3-$6 a visit. It’s not free but it’s super cheap. Also, you don’t have to sign any forms or pay any additional fees.

  5. Awesome tip Desmond! This will come in handy when I hit Japan!


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