17Jul, 2010

Markham Personal Trainer admits his past fat loss mistakes

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome…I’m in sunny Mexico getting a well deserved vacation. I miss training my boot camp girls already!  Keep working hard until I get back.

I thought about this in the shower and I really had to jot down all the things I did wrong when I started down this journey to a leaner ‘Me? As much as I like to think I started off perfect…I made a ton of mistakes along the way.

Doing these mistakes hindered me in the biggest way and also stunted whatever progress I should have made.

In short: If I could do it all over again, I would have gotten from being an overweight dude with man boobs to the leaner version I am today….IN ONE THIRD THE TIME….probably less…by not doing these mistakes.

It’s a truth that you learn from the mistakes you make in life…well now you have the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

So when you are aiming for fat loss in these last 7 weeks until labour day…do the opposite of the things I list out for you.

My Laundry list of fat loss mistakes:

1. I thought doing long cardio sessions (half hour to an hour) was the only way to fat loss.

2. I did what every other person did at the gym, which was body part training. On Monday’s I trained back and chest, Wednesdays was arms day and Friday was legs day….or arms day again.

3. I thought I could out-exercise my diet.

4. I didn’t eat 5-6 times a day…I wasn’t eating breakfast at the time either.

5. I didn’t drink water. I drank juices, pop…anything but water.

6. I didn’t stretch after my workouts. And when I did it was only static stretching. Now I do AIS stretching and I get my boot camp clients to do it too…because it is that good!

7. I didn’t keep a food journal….this was one of my BIGGEST MISTAKES.

8. I ate carbs at night.

9. Frankly I ate more at night than I did in the morning.

10. I didn’t curb my night time cravings by brushing my teeth after my last meal. This does wonders in stopping you from overeating at night.

11. I didn’t do interval training.

12. I didn’t do circuit training.

13. For abs I did crunches and leg raises. These did nothing for my abs but they did a wonder in really messing up my lower back.

14. I didn’t visualize myself daily in the idealized version I wanted to be.

15. I didn’t cook my own food.

16. I ate out a lot.

17. I drank alcohol on the weekends and totally messed up whatever training I did for myself that week.

18. I didn’t focus on stabilizing ab exercises like planks, side planks, ab rolls, mountain climbers etc….these are amazing at working those deep inner ab muscles.

19. Being a guy, I worked on my chest a lot. Way too much. It brought my shoulders in and I looked like a goofball. A disproportionate goof ball.

20. I didn’t study nor invest in my education on how to build a better body until about a year into my training. Doing what you are doing right now: investing, reading, studying from those who have done it, been there before and helping others is going to give you faster results than listening to Bobby Big Arms at the gym who got his education from reading magazines like Muscle and Fiction.

21. I read too many bodybuilding magazines. The information in there is so freaking pedestrian and works for bodybuilders who are taking so much drugs that they can start their own pharmacy.

22. I didn’t ask enough.

23. I took in way too many carbs than I should have.

24. I tried to count calories instead of eating by principles.

25. I didn’t get enough sleep. I got maybe around 6 hours a night. I should have been getting at least 8.

26. I rationalized too much about why I was eating what I was eating. I had a lot of excuses like, “I’m so stressed.“, “I deserve this, I had such a good workout in the gym today!“, “One fry won’t hurt…I’ll only have one…” All of them sucked and didn’t get me anywhere.

27. I didn’t put myself around people who had the same goals for themselves. This is why my Markham Boot Camps work so well. The women have all the same goals and support each other to stick to their diets. Probably the reason why the results I get in the boot camps is better than the results I got with personal training clients.

Well those are my biggest mistakes and I’m not ashamed to admit them because they gave me an education you can’t buy.
Hope you enjoyed this post.  Please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought.  Is there a mistake you are making that didn’t make this list?  Or is there one you are currently doing right now?

Let me know.  I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Now I gotta get back to the beach and go for a nice dip.  Talk soon!


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