16Nov, 2009

Markham Personal Trainer reveals Dirty little trick to Increase Metabolism with Cardio

Hey there…..Hope you are doing great today!  Lately I’ve been experimenting with this new breakfast trick in the morning and so far it has me feeling awesome.  I still gotta test it out for a couple of weeks to see if it really works but so far….man I’m feeling good.  Once I do this and make sure it’s not harmful to my body I will let you know what it is. 
Don’t worry….I’m not taking steroids for breakfast or anything like that 😛  It’s just a small change I made to my first morning meal…if it works out it’ll give you a good option for breakfast.  It’s being used on high performance athletes and movies stars right now so it’s gotta work right?

We also had our first annual Go Girls night out.  It was a great chance to see all Go Girl Boot camp members in non-exercise clothes.  Everyone had a couple drinks, did a little dancing…it was good times!  Here are some pics of the event.  Big thanks to the 1am group (especially Aaron and Walter) for putting up a great event!


Mel, Bobby Joe, Me, Helen and Lisa Mel, Bobby Jo, Me, Helen and Lisa
Debbie, Helen, Kai-An, Me, Cindy and Cynthia Debbie, Helen, Kai-An, Me, Cindy and Cynthia
Lina, Me and Frieda Lina, Me and Frieda
Steph, Me, and Catherine Steph, Me, and Catherine
Me and Jennabie Me and Jennabie

 I am posting this blog to send you the off day cardio program I want you to follow.  I realize 2-3 days of working may not be enough for some of you (and for those that want to make major changes it isn’t) so I’m sending you my off day cardio program to follow. 
I hate doing what they call “steady state” cardio.  Meaning…I hate jogging on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes straight at a consistent speed while I watch Oprah talk to Dr. Phil about how he really isn’t a doctor and is really in no position to give advice about relationships because…okay I’m ranting now but you get the point.  I really don’t like Dr. Phil.

Not a big fan.. Not a big fan..

Okay hmmmm…..A.D.D. in check….back to the off day cardio program….
So if I ever catch you on a treadmill, stair stepper or stationay bike I wanna see you doing this program because it is one of the only cardio training programs I know that will elevate your metabolism and help you burn fat even after you are done your workout!
This is how we doooooo it….(Montel Jordan reference for those that know)

montell_album_cover Old school

Your Metabolism Makeover Cardio training program

–  Done on a treadmill, stepper, stairs, stationary cycle or elliptical
–  Intensity level refers to how hard you think you are working on a scale of 1 – 10. 

1.  Start on cardio machine and Warm up for 5 minutes (Intensity Level 3/10)

2.  After warm up start an interval of 1 minute at an Intensity level of 7-8/out

3.  After interval, for 1 minute slow down to a level of an Intensity level or 3-4/10

4.  Repeat intervals 3 more times

5.  Walk for 5 minutes on the cardio machine (Intensity level of 3/10)

6.  Jog/Step/Pedal for 20 minutes (Intensity level of 5/10)

7.  Cool down for 7-10 minutes (Intensity level 3/10)

Cool down w/our stretching routine using a long towel or a stretching strap.
Okay now remember this:
–  You can switch up the interval times so they suit you.  Is one minute too hard?  So go down to 45 seconds or 30 if you have to and work up.  If it is too easy then reduce the rest time and increase intensity on the interval.
–  This cardio program is different then regular cardio.  You will be out of breath at times.  If you have taken my boot camp class then you know this feeling.  Not the greatest feeling in the world but it lets you know that you are doing it right.
–  Just like in our boot camp classes you want to switch up the interval times every 3-4 weeks.  Play around with the times and if it becomes too easy….switch it up.  Also use different forms of cardio equipment.  I love the treadmill, stair stepper and stationary bike.  I don’t really like the elliptical too much because I read from my boy CB (Craig Ballantyne) it really messes up the hips if done long periods of time.
If you want more exercises that will turn up your metabolism and have you melting fat while you sleep then you gotta take advantage of the free 1 week trial we are offering at Go Girl Boot Camps.  Just click Here and start burning fat now!
Have an awesome week!
Dan Go

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