5Aug, 2009

The “Vegas Rehab Workout”


I just came back from a WICKED Vegas Trip.  I would go into details but like they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

All I know is that I came back with a lighter wallet, less a couple brain cells and gained more body fat than I would like to admit.

Coming from a weekend of destruction (and by destruction I mean tons of sightseeing and shopping galore…riiiight) means that I am now in rehab mode.  My nutrition is going to be nice and tight and I’m goin to kick some major ass in the gym.

If you want to get lean in a short amount of time then you gotta do My Vegas Rehab Workout. But be warned….it will be TOUGH.  Can you handle it?

The Vegas Rehab Workout

50 – 10 Circuits.  50 seconds of continous work followed by a 10 second transition into the next exercise.  5 Exercises done in a circuit type of fashion + 4 Rounds = 20 Minutes of Metabolic Fat Blasting exercise.

1.  Twisting Squat presses

–  Squat with Two weights on your shoulders.  When you come back up your will lift one weight in the air while turning to that side.  Alternate sides everytime you squat.

2. Lat pulldowns

3.  Overhead Forward Lunges

–  Lunge forward while holding two dumbbells above your head.  Your arms should look like a Y.

4.  Mountain Climbers

5.  Burpee Pushups

And thats it.

If you really want to burn off those pounds and lean out that stomach try out the cardio interval training program after you are done the circuit:

Done on a cardio machine –  Preferably a treadmill

1.Warm up for 5 minutes

2.Walk or Jog for 1:30 minutes – Intensity Level of 5/10

3. Sprint for 1 minute – Intensity Level of 8-9/10

Repeat for 5-6 times.

4.  Cool down for 5 minutes.

If there are two things my boot camp members can agree with….it is the programs I develop guarantee results and they are hard as heck!

Try out this workout program.  Let me know how it went. Good or bad I’m dying to hear what you have to say about it.

Take care and always keep improving!


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  1. Pam

    I am on holidays and can’t wait to try this program when I get home, as I will be in the same position..rehab…
    Thanks, Pam


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