5Nov, 2010

Thornhill Boot camp owner reveals the best alcholic drinks for fat loss

Hey there…hope you are doing great! I wanted to catch you before you went off this weekend with this quick little tip about drinking alcohol.

As you know every week I like to have a drink with my friends…I usually schedule this day on my cheat days because of the extra calories that come with alcohol.

Even when I drink I stay fully aware of the calories I’m taking in and try to keep it on the light side. So the quick tips to stay lean while drinking are:

1. If you mix your alcohol: mix it with a plain soda or water. Use lime and lemons to add flavor.
2. If you are drinking wine: drink red wine as it has more antioxidants
3. If you are drinking beer: Drink dark beer because it contains more vitamins and antioxidants than light beer.

And if you ever see me out partying in Toronto…the drink to get me is…A vodka soda with two limes 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip…have fun this weekend and be responsible!

Talk soon,

Ninjaman Dan

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Comments on “Thornhill Boot camp owner reveals the best alcholic drinks for fat loss” (7)

  1. Wendy

    I have to start these cheat days with the holidays coming up. I love to have an apple martini every once in a while;)

  2. Cheat days are awesome…be responsible with them and they can help you burn fat!

  3. Jaime

    vodka-water-lime is my drink of choice 😉

  4. Jaime that’s an awesome drink. Great minds not only think alike, they drink alike 🙂

  5. Christine

    White wine spritzer in mine!

  6. Susan

    Thanks Dan you always have great advise!

  7. You’re welcome Susan!


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