22Oct, 2010

Thornhill Boot camp owner shows you how to make your own fat loss workout

What’s up my NINJA! If you are wondering why I’m calling you “My NINJA!” it’s really because of this video I happened to find…it’s not for the easily offended and there is one swear word in there so please skip if you don’t like that stuff…otherwise enjoy:

So if you are reading this far into my blogidity blog…What’s UP MY NINJA!

Newsflash:  I work out in a big box gym for numerous reasons:

1. There are a lot of interesting people to watch…and I am a people watcher. I’m sure it’s connected to my mild level of ADD.

2. I love the competition. If I see someone that is more lean then I am or has a better body than me…it pushes me to become leaner and have a betterer body.  It’s competition but in a totally positive way…at least I spin it that way.

3. I’ve tried working out on my own…alone..in my basement…and it sucks. Probably the most boring feeling there is in the world and I realize not everyone is like this. I just need to be around people when I work out.  I probably didn’t get hugged enough as a child.

Attention Deficit Disorder note #1: I’m at Starbucks and this dude beside me can’t stop touching his girlfriend’s leg under the table and she’s getting bothered…not only is this super distracting…it’s very creepy…and he looks like the Burger King dude..which is even more creepy.

If this persists I have to move far away…like to another building because it’s disgusting me. Okay…back to the point of this blog.

So I work out in a gym that has a lot of:

Bodybuiders, meatheads, steroid abusers, slicked back hair wearing a tank top, guys that say “bro” a lot, guys that drop the frikken weights (I hate that), creepy guys that gawk at girls making them feel uncomfortable and guys that look in the mirror every ten seconds.

That type of gym.

And these people are BIG.  And these people are probably putting things into their bodies that I wouldn’t go near with a ten foot pole…if you know what I’m saying.

Okay…so I have friends at the gym…really cool guys but our principles just don’t jive with each other.  They always ask me, “Dan what are you working on today?” and I’ll always reply, “EVERYTHING.”

Usually my reply is met with a confused look as if I’m the weird one.  While all guys are in the gym doing Chest and Back Workouts, Leg days, arm days etc…

I’m the only one doing a full body workout.…What gives?

Here’s why: When I hit they gym…I’m not looking to get HYUUUUUUGGGEEE and look bigger than I should or what god intended for me to be.  Honestly I used to be a former fat kid so getting HYUUUGGGGEEE is not something that attracts me.

Also I know that if I want to reach my fitness goals (like developing my six pack and being super lean) I have to stick with Full Body Circuits to boost my metabolism and burn fat in my sleep.  I want that lean look.  Not that look where it looks like I stuffed a million marshmallows into my body

It’s a principle that when you train for fat loss you have to do full body circuits like the ones we do at our Thornhill Boot camp.

The ones we do at boot camp are rotating Time Based Circuits (TBC’s) that challenge your body in different ways. I love using TBC’s because they are intense, they are short and they can allow you to do a lot of exercises at one time.  Plus…they burn a TON OF FAT.

When doing TBC’s you have to abide by these rules:

  1. Always do a warm up using your own bodyweight going from your lower body to upper body.
  2. Make sure you alternate between upper body and lower body exercises in each circuit.  So you would do a squat then a pushup then a Lunge then a back row.  Do this to make sure you don’t tire out your muscles.
  3. Set a time limit for the duration of the exercise and the duration of the rest.  I like to do 50 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest.
  4. Set up how many sets you want to complete (I go for 4 sets if you do the above example so you are working out for 20 minutes)
  5. Workout INTENSELY my Ninja!

Of course this is not the only way to do a TBC circuit.  We got about 4 different types that we do at boot camp.  What makes these circuits so great is:

  • They are guaranteed to force your body to burn fat in its sleep. The workouts boost your metabolism and that burn ends up lasting you for days.  It’s called the Afterburn effect.
  • They are short…the actual workouts last no longer than 20 minutes…usually we get the workout done in 30 minutes with warm ups and finishers.
  • They workouts always change so you never get bored.  The circuits change every 3 weeks and the exercises change every day.  You can never get bored at our boot camp.
  • The circuits and the workout are just straight up fun.  The women and the instructors are just fun people to be around.

The holidays are just around the corner and that means more parties, more eating, more drinking and more weight gain.  Canadians on average gain 11-15 pounds of fat during the holidays. True fact!

Be one of the few that look amazing during the holidays getting all the compliments…instead of the person complaining about how much weight they are gaining and they’ll wait until January to do something about it.

If you are an action taker and really serious about getting an awesome body you can be proud of…try out boot camp at no cost to yourself and you are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.

So even if you sign up and don’t like the program or see results (which I highly doubt) you can always ask for your money back no questions asked.

Click below to learn more about our program and sign up for the free trial:

Talk soon my Ninja!

Ninjaman Dan

Ps.  Stop procrastinating and start the weight loss process NOW.  Try out our boot camp and if you don’t end up joining at least you’ll be one step closer to a program that fits yourself.  The people who change are the ones who take MASSIVE ACTION.  Try out our program and you will change your life Click Here to Start  ===> Www.GoGirlbootcamps.com

Pps.  Attention Deficit Disorder Note #2:  Thank god I’m done this blog post because this dude beside me has got to be the creepiest guy I have ever SEEN in my whole entire life.  He needs game badly.  His game with women is so bad that it make my insides hurt. I’m outta here!

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  1. Gloria

    Ok, I am totally motivated. I hope it works!

  2. Tara

    Your boot camps sound awesome. I especially like the idea of burning fat even when I sleep!

  3. You aren’t the only one Tara!!


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