19Oct, 2010

Thornhill boot camp owner reveals the Truth about Calories and Weight Loss

Hey there…hope you are doing great. This might be one of the the most important emails you have read in awhile. Fasting is becoming one of my favourite stomach reducing techniques in a long time. Why? Because it works.

Whenever I find something that works I will always share it with you. I would only promote techniques and fitness experts I respect to you. If I didn’t I would be doing you a huge disservice!

I have a special guest here today: Brad Pilon has literally written the book on fasting for F-A-T loss and when I say written the book…he has actually written the book on how to do it.

Also the thing about Brad is…he is one of the smartest dudes I know when it comes to nutrition…especially weight loss nutrition. When you have the chance you should check out his book Eat Stop Eat. That book is the definitive guide to Fasting for weight loss.

Fasting is also one of those things that is a major part of my strategy to get super lean for my Mexico trip and any other times I want to lose a lot of fat in a short amount of time.

I couple them with my cheat days and they work like a charm.

Before I want you to even buy into this technique, I have to let you know that it is not for everyone. I stress that you have to find things that fit your own lifestyle and things that ring true to yourself.

I also recommend finding your own truth and not just taking what I say and running with it. Some things may go well with your personality and some won’t. You are the one to decide.

So let’s here what Brad has to say when it comes to eating and loosing weight:

The Truth About Calories and Weight Loss
Hi there,

I hope your day is going well.

I’ve spent the last couple days reviewing some of the more popular
diet books that have been newly released this year.

For the most part, I’ve been unimpressed.

I’ve always thought that traditional diets and exercise plans are
mediocre at best when it comes to helping us lose weight.

It turns out there is a very good reason why these diets largely
fail, and surprisingly you can’t blame the diets, and you really
can’t blame the exercise either.

According to a large amount of research, it is our extremely poor
ability to estimate how many calories we burn and how many calories
we eat that is their downfall.

Take this study as an example:

Women exercised on a treadmill until they burned a set number of
calories (the researchers new what the number was, but the women
did not). After they were done exercising the women were asked to
guess how many calories they burned during the workout.

Shockingly, the researchers found that the women OVERESTIMATED how many calories they burned by 300 to 400%!

So right away you can see how traditional diets and exercise fail.

If you are trying to balance the amount of calories you eat against
how many you burn working out your weight loss efforts are obviously
going to end in failure if you are overestimating how many calories
you burn by exercising.

Surprisingly this isn’t the only reason traditional dieting and
exercise fail….

Check out what happened next-

Once they were done exercising the women were then instructed to go
into another room where there was a buffet-style dinner set up.

The women were instructed to try to eat the same amount of calories
that they had just burned during the workout.

So if you were in this study and had just finished burning 500
Calories on the treadmill, the scientists would take you to a room
with a buffet and ask you to do your best to eat as close to 500
Calories as possible.

Get ready, because the results are shocking…

The subjects ate double to triple the amount of calories that they
had previously burned during exercise.

This is worth repeating..DOUBLE to TRIPLE!

And this is just one study. Research consistently shows that we are
very poor at estimating calories. We constantly overestimate how
many we burn working out, and underestimate how many we eat.

When left to eat as we please, our mind and body will try and
convince us to overcompensate and eat more than we need.

This is why diet and exercise often fail for so many people.

If a diet is too restrictive or too intrusive on your life then it
is already doomed to do poorly.

When you add in the fact that we overestimate how many calories we
burn during exercise, and underestimate how many calories we eat
AFTER exercise, you can see how people can very easily end up in a
positive calorie balance and actually gain weight while dieting.

This is why I like the Eat Stop Eat method of fasting for weight
loss so much. Simply, you don’t need to count ANYTHING. This means
you have absolutely no chance of messing up your diet with faulty
calorie counting.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Brad’s nutrition program is one of the best one’s out there because it is simple to use and it works! Click on the link below and find out more about Brad’s program:

Click here ===> Eat Stop Eat

Talk soon,

NinjaMan Dan

ps. I’ve been through tons of nutrition programs out there and Brad’s program is one of the best ones out there due to it’s simplicity and your ability to apply his principles. The best nutrition programs are the ones with not a lot of rules and guranteed results.

I personally vouch for Brad because he is the real deal when it comes to knowledge about nutrition.

Check it out his program here ===> Eat Stop Eat

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  1. Anne

    Hi Dan, Sounds interesting, great testimonials, have been hearing a lot about fasting lately.

  2. I personally think fasting will be the new “fad” in 2011. The thing is..fasting has been around since the beginning of time. And it works!


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