29Oct, 2010

Thornhill Boot Camp owner says you should eat your Halloween candy

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome. Right now I’m going to give you an awesome plan on how you can eat your halloween candy and still drop body fat…or at least maintain your current state.

I’m a big fan of “cheating” on your diet. Especially if you have been eating fairly well during the week and reducing your caloric intake…I recommend having a cheat meal, cheat meals or a cheat day…depending on your goals.

What this means is you will not care about your carb intake, fat intake etc…etc..

So you will be allowed to (and encouraged to) eat your pasta’s, cakes, ice creams, chocolate bars, gummy bears…whatever you stay away from usually…you will be allowed to eat.

Cheating is good for two reasons:

Mental – If you have been usualy staying away from these foods then it could be a big break for you mentally if you knew you were allowed to eat them later in the week.
It is also good for your lifestyle. I’m a big believer that your fitness program should fit your lifestyle…not the other way around.

Physical – I won’t get into the whole science behind this because that would make this super boring. So briefly…when we deprive ourselves from certain foods (“cheating foods) and also cut calories…our bodies adapt and try to hold onto as much fat as possible.

The hormone Leptin plays a big part in this as it is the hormone that (when released) allows your body to burn more fat. You tend to lose this hormone once you start dieting.

So to get a big boost in Leptin we “strategically” cheat on our diets to create that big response and burn more fat.

How You Should Cheat:

1. Do not plan your cheat. When the day comes that is when you make your decisions on what you want to cheat…err…I mean eat.
2. Do not eat so much that you feel like an overstuffed Teddy bear. Overeating is not the purpose of the cheat.
3. Throw away your cheat foods the next day. If they are kept lying around you will be tempted to eat them.
4. Have fun with the cheat day. It’s not every day you get to eat what you want and not feel guilty.
5. Always follow a cheat day with an absolutely “NO CARB” day. That means no starchy carbs (rices, pastas, breads etc..) at all the next day after a cheat. It’s a good trade off for cheating no?

Honestly…I would be lying if I said this is all you need to do when cheating on your diet. During the week you have to strategically eat to prime your body so it can burn off the most fat after a cheat day.

The best program I have found that does that is the Cheat Your Way Thin diet. I have recommended it to my Thornhill boot camp clients and they have seen some pretty good success with it.

…And the author Joel Marion is pretty good at helping people lose weight through his nutritional strategies.

One girl in our Thornhill boot camp class has done it and lost 7 pounds within a month. So it works pretty well and…it’s fun to do 🙂

If you want a fat loss nutrition plan that doesn’t make you feel like you are dieting, is super fun to do and won’t make you a boring in social settings…I would click below to try it out:

>>> Cheat Your Way Thin <<<

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to have LOTS OF FUN this weekend for Halloween!

Talk soon, Ninjaman Dan

Ps. If you are planning to eat candy and “Cheat” on your diet…I would recommend getting this program and doing it the right way…so you end up losing weight instead of gaining it:

Click here to—-> Cheat Your Way Thin


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  1. Solvieg

    I agree with the cheat day 100% Don’t feel guilty just get right back on track. You are ready for it the next day.

  2. Lucy

    I hope this works, sounds almost too good to be true. changing your lifestyle with respect to eating can leave you feeling deprived after a month or two so the cheat days could really help.

  3. Definitely Lucy…more than anything else the cheat days are a break mentally!


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