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Thornhill boot camp owner shows you the one secret lean people are keeping from you

Hey there…hope you are doing great.  I’m trying out this new fat loss technique that involves fasting for a full day.  It’s currently 7pm on Sunday and I haven’t eaten anything all day.  I think I’m kinda losing my mind right now so I hope this blog post comes out right…

Lean people are lean for multiple reasons:

Not his actual six pack

1. They have great genetics – My best friend is like this. Where no matter what he eats he doesn’t get fat and keeps a six pack. Dude doesn’t even work out.

This factor will represent 3% of people you know. Some people are just blessed in that sense.

I am the complete opposite of this as I was born with “bad” genetics. I along with 92% of the population have to eat right and workout the right way to stay lean…I know I know…boo hoo cry me a river.

2. They also have great habits – Lean people most times do not have the best genetics…just the best habits like: drinking water instead of caloried type of drinks, staying away from sugars, eating frequently and just plain being active on a regular basis.

In fact they have this one habit that I observe each and every time I sit down and eat with them. And yes…I am a people watcher. After much research and people watching/observing, I have actually come up with quite possibly the Holy Grail of eating for Fat Loss and the secret was right under your nose the whole time…

Chew Your Food Like There Is No Tomorrow

A man should never take a picture beside that many hot dogs

Listen, I’ve had clients come to me and complain about their fat loss results but when we sit down and have a meal…it looks like they are competing in a hot dog eating contest. And I know that there is that Japanese dude who keeps on winning hot dog eating contests and such. He is reason #1 why we have lean people.

When I see people chewing only 4-5 times for every piece of food that comes into their mouth I can only think…


Don’t get me wrong. I am not judging or criticizing because in the past I was making this mistake. Every time I ate it looked like a contest to see how much food I could stuff in my mouth in one time.

You can be on an amazing eating plan but if you don’t give your body the ability to break down and process the proteins, fats and nutrients from every meal it won’t do you any good.

Your body needs to be capable to digest your food properly or you will not get any benefit from having a proper diet.

Not being able to fully digest your meals can lead to poor fat loss results, lack of energy and even DEPRESSION.

So if you want a better body, it’s not what you eat but how you eat as well.

The 2 Step Process on How To Properly Digest and Get Leaner

Step 1. Digestion starts when you see the food

Imagine in your mind that you have a steak in front of you (if you don’t like steaks then imagine one of your favorite foods). Stare at it for a minute. You will start to salivate right?

Why this is important:

Saliva contains and enzyme called Amylase. When the food is mixed with your saliva you are breaking down the food before it even hits your stomach.

Step 2. Chewing your food

You want to be able to chew your food to the point where it becomes a liquid (attractive I know). A principle to go by is to chew your food at least 15-20 times.

Other benefits to chewing your food:

Not only will chewing allow your body to properly break down and digest food, it will also make you more full and satiated during and after a meal. This prevents you from reaching for extra portions after your meal is done.
Chewing more also leads to less bloating after a meal, less farting and overall less stomach pains after you eat.

It also leads to less farting.  Yes.  I just said that chewing your food more, you will fart less.

Eat your Protein Shake too

If you are done a workout, you would probably slam down your protein shake and be done with it as fast as possible. You really should swish it around your mouth like wine and “eat” it.

You want to mix it in your mouth; more specifically you want to mix it with your saliva to digest it properly.

Do not drink water with your meal

Drinking water with your meal is a signal that you are not chewing your food properly and it also dilutes your stomach acid, which is helping break down your food once it hits your stomach. Instead wait about 5-10 minutes then drink your water after a meal.

When I began to properly digest my food I started to get leaner, have more energy (because my body doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food), I got less bloated after a meal and…I got less gassy if you know what I mean 😉

You now have the technique in your hands (or rather your mouth) to help your body properly digest, absorb the proteins, nutrients and good fats and burn fat faster. Give this technique a go for the next 3 weeks and you’ll actually find yourself feeling better and getting leaner.

Talk soon,

Dan Go

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